Successful Agritechnica Asia 2024

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The 4th Agritechnica Asia, exhibition in Asia Pacific for crop production and smart farming held in Bangkok, Thailand, celebrated record growth. It turned out to be Asia’s premier exhibition and the industry’s venue for ag machinery in Asia.

Hailing from 28 countries, 353 international companies booked stands, an increase of 40 percent doubling the exhibition space compared with the previous event. The exhibition attracted 12,129 attendees, an increase of 35 percent. 48 percent of attendees from 73 countries traveled to Thailand from abroad and included delegations from China, Philippines and Vietnam, the next venue for 2025.

The 353 international exhibitors came from countries in four continents with China, Thailand, Germany, Turkey, Australia and India topping the list based on floor space booked. The exhibition’s conference program addressed topics like smart farming carbon credits and included 118 international speakers with more than 40 professional partnering organizations.

“The many records this year prove that it is the most successful Agritechnica Asia trade fair to date. As organizer and as an agricultural society serving international farmers, we are immensely proud of this achievement. We look forward to expanding this concept in Asia,” says Katharina Staske, Managing Director, DLG Asia Pacific. Throughout Asia Pacific, Agritechnica Asia is recognized as the leading exhibition and conference platform that not only delivers applicable technical solutions but also networking among farming professionals, an important remit of DLG (German Agricultural Society), the organizer of Agritechnica Asia.

DLG expands trade fair network in Asia Pacific

Demand from the agricultural industry and agricultural ministries in the region has led DLG to offer Agritechnica Asia annually, alternating between Thailand, the original venue, and Vietnam, where the event will be held every other year from 2025. Farming experts across Asia are consistently seeking information on agricultural equipment and techniques. “This is why we are expanding Agritechnica Asia into an annual event. Farming professionals throughout Asia stand to benefit further from DLG’s expertise, business connections and professional networks which enhance agricultural practices and knowledge exchange in the region,” says Jens Kremer, Managing Director, DLG International.

The Agritechnica Asia trade fair also benefits from the prestige of Agritechnica in Germany, renowned internationally among farming professionals as the world leading platform for agricultural innovation and expertise, where international trends and practical knowledge converge. Agritechnica, held biennially in Hanover, Germany, hosts some 2,800 exhibitors showcasing technical solutions for modern agricultural challenges. The next Agritechnica is scheduled for November 9-15, 2025.

2025 Agritechnica Asia in Vietnam

Next Agritechnica Asia will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 12-15 March 2025. As part of the new annual schedule, Agritechnica Asia Vietnam will be held in parallel with the HortEx exhibition in South East Asia for professional horticulture and floriculture. The two exhibitions cover machinery and techniques for crop and horticulture, offering visitors an overview of available technologies. 

With its rapidly growing economy and government plans for developing agricultural mechanization, Vietnam offers significant potential for agricultural machinery manufacturers, including rice equipment. Some six months ago, Vietnam’s MARD together with IRRI launched the new program “Sustainable Development of One Million Hectares of High Quality and Low-Emission Rice Associated with Green Growth in the Mekong River Delta By 2030”.

“For the launch of the Agritechnica Asia exhibition in Vietnam, one of the world’s most important rice producing countries, rice equipment, novel techniques and international projects will be presented,” Ratti Veerawong, Project Manager Agritechnica Asia, sees great opportunities for the new trade fair.

“Agritechnica Asia is a great opportunity to network with colleagues in our industry and explore innovations. As Vice President of AMMDA and an importer, I’m actively seeking technologies suitable for the Philippine market. Our discussions have been fruitful. Looking forward, we’re planning to attend Agritechnica Asia in Vietnam next year,” said Nerio Antonio M. Sibulo, Vice President of AMMDA, the Philippine Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer and Dealer Association.

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