DEUTZ-FAHR unlocks the 5 Keyline

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With the new 5 Keyline, DEUTZ-FAHR launches a series of four models in the utility segment with power outputs from 75 to 106 HP. With a package of essential but functional features, 5 Keyline models are all-rounder tractors for daily work in stables, stock yards, or as a second tractor for light operations on larger farms.

All models are powered by the FARMotion 45 engine. While the 5095 and 5105 Keyline are equipped with a full EAT solution, including an SCR catalyst, the 5075 Keyline is equipped with a DOC+DPF, achieving Stage V compliance without requiring additional AdBlue. Whichever model is chosen, all FARMotion 45 engines are specially designed for agricultural applications, offering optimal power and, thanks to its high capacity, torque in any working condition. With their 145-litre fuel tank capacity, the 5 Keyline has ample autonomy for extended workdays, eliminating the need for frequent refueling stops.


The 5-gear transmission offers 20+20 or 40+40 gears, allowing the driver to always choose the right speed. It includes in the base variant already a creeper range which offers speeds from less than 250 m/h. Comfort and productivity at its best can be achieved by adding the hydraulic PowerShuttle and a 2-Step Powershift option. The PowerShuttle is, thanks to its Stop&Go and Sense Clutch, which is offering 5 different responsive settings, ideal for front-end loader work. It also includes the Comfort Clutch option, which lets the driver change the gear without the need of pushing the clutch pedal. Besides that, the 2-Step Powershift allows not only changing 2 speeds without torque interruption but also offers 40 kph at reduced engine rpm.


The Series 5 Keyline models are offered with a hydraulic system, suited to the demand in the utility segment. Thanks to the optimisation of the complete layout (including pump, pipes and spool valves), the efficiency was increased to maximise the outcome. Two or three double acting rear spool valves are available. For the front-end loader, two mid-mounted spool valves can be added. In addition to the main pump, an additional dedicated steering pump is installed, to always ensure effortless steering. The new 5 Keyline models are also available with the EasyLift function, which allows raising and lowering of the rear lift with its up to 4525 kg maximum capacity, by simply pressing a button.

Comfort and Safety

The new 4-pillar cab of the Series 5 Keyline provides a 360 degree all-round visibility and is tailored for the use with the front loader thanks to its high visibility FOPS roof. Day-long comfort is ensured with standard features including Air-Conditioning, Radio and the Hydro Silent-Block cab suspension and can further be increased with a comfortable air-suspended seat, as well as a light package, including 10 work-lights. All 5 Keyline models are equipped with the real 4 wheel braking system with multiple wet discs, providing greater safety both during transport and in the field.



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