Titan expands production capacity

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The expansion of the manufacturing facility is part of a series of strategic moves by Titan to increase output capacity and better serve its dealers and end-users. With the additional output capacity, Titan will continue to meet demand for key large Ag sizes well into the future. This will result in a faster turnaround time between order placement and delivery, reducing the need for dealers to maintain high levels of inventory.

“By upgrading our manufacturing facility and investing in new tire machines, we are taking the first step towards achieving our overall growth goals,” said Lester Brewer, Vice President of NA Tire Operations at Titan. “This investment has allowed us to increase our output capacity for tires, positioning us to better deliver on the projected additional volume needed in the marketplace.”

The new tire machines not only increase output capacity, but also incorporate automation for repeatable tasks, improving safety for employees while enhancing overall quality and productivity, aligning with Titan’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

“The upgraded building and two new tire presses are the culmination of several years of investment in expanding the Des Moines plant capability and producing larger radial ag tires,” added Brewer. “However, this is just one more step along the line of our growth strategy. We will continue to grow through new products.”

The expansion of the manufacturing facility and the addition of the new tire machines will provide Titan with the necessary infrastructure to introduce multiple new product offerings throughout the year.

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