Deutz-Fahr upgrades 5D Series

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Thanks to these characteristics, the new 5D Series MY24 tractors are designed for traditional farms, large fruit orchards, and stables, as well as for companies that specialize in maintaining green areas.

The 4 cylinder FARMotion 45 engines have compact dimensions, increasing the agility of the new 5D Series and offering maximum visibility.

The new 5075 D is Stage V compliant without using AdBlue or other additional fluids, keeping the total costs of ownership at minimum levels, while the 5095D and 5105D models deliver a maximum power output of 95 and 106 Hp respectively at 2000 rpm, and 389 and 433 Nm of maximum torque at 1400 rpm. Thanks to a new pre-heating system also during winter time the new FARMotion 45 engines start effortless. The oil change interval has now been extended to 600 hours.

 The new 5D Series, as well as the other DEUTZ-FAHR Stage V models, are officially certified to be fuelled up with HVO (Hydrotreated vegetable oil). This biofuel reduces up to 90% the CO2 emissions.

Also the new 5D Series MY24 is available with mechanical or with PowerShuttle transmission. With the PowerShuttle version, the driver can not only adjust the responsiveness in 5 steps, but also benefit from the Stop&Go system, which allows stopping and starting the tractor with the brake pedals only. Additionally the comfort clutch allows shifting gears without using the clutch pedal. All these features make the life easier when working with a front loader or with other tasks which require frequent change of direction or frequent stop and restarts. With the model year 24, Loader Light and Loader Ready kits are available from factory.

Either option comes with 30+15 speeds as standard, provided by 5 gears for 3 ranges and a creeper. Also a 3 Powershift steps version is available, offering in total 45 speeds in either direction. While all versions allow to travel with 40 kph with reduced engines rpms, which reduces not only the noise level inside the comfort cabin but also the fuel consumption, the transmission with 3 Powershift steps offers also a creeper speed of just 200 meters per hour in base.

Progressively engaged electro-hydraulic clutch is standard, as are the 540 rpm and 540 ECO speeds. On request the new 5D Series MY24 can be also equipped with a ground speed PTO or a 1000 rpm speed mode.

The hydraulic system includes as standard a 54 l/min main pump for the lift and distributors, as well as a secondary pump for steering and transmission services. As option, an additional pump is available, resulting in a 68 l/min double pump hydraulic system which feeds only rear lift and spool valves. Additional standard features include 3 rear hydraulic valves and free return. The rear lift has a maximum capacity of up to 3600 kg and is available with either mechanical or electronic control. The electronic rear lift control of the new 5D Series MY24 does now not only feature a new controller which allows an easier unlocking but also an active vibration damping functionality, which increases safety and comfort while driving on the road. Besides a front lift, with 2100 kg lift capacity, also a front 1000 PTO is available.

To guarantee real full braking the front axles come with multiple wet disc brakes as standard, while a steering angle and 100% locking of both differentials via electro-hydraulic control, contribute to the tractor’s manoeuvrability and traction.

The 4-pillar comfort cab of the new 5D Series MY24 combined with the new fuel tank allows a perfect view in all directions. Two different roof options are available: a standard version with a tapered shape for optimal use in tight spaces like hops or wide vineyards, or a high-visibility version (available with FOPS protection as an option) that is well suited for forestry work and for a front loader. Adequate air flow is ensured by openable front and rear screens, while a potent air conditioning system cools the air in warmer weather conditions. To be concentrated also during long working days the new 5D Series MY24 is now also available with LED work lights for best work conditions during the night. Last but not least, the new InfoCentre+ dashboard clearly shows to the driver all relevant information thanks to two gauges and a 3.5” LCD colour display.

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