New Holland trains in virtual reality

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The show was the launch venue for new solutions developed by New Holland’s Dealer Technical & Customer Training team, utilizing virtual reality headsets and the metaverse platform to train partners, dealers, customers, and students, who are able to connect from different locations and can learn without needing to be physically with the machine in the field.

The metaverse solution takes advantage of the virtual immersive environment to connect an instructor with multiple students, wherever they are. They are able to simultaneously perform the same task or be guided by an instructor remotely throughout the entire operation process, in a collaborative learning mode. In virtual reality mode, training is individual, while self-learning mode means following the same metaverse line but without the interaction of one or more people during the activity.

The advantages of this new solutions are multiple. Training can be done in a completely safe environment to teach the first operating steps even to inexperienced users. It gives complete teaching flexibility – with the metaverse, students and instructors connect from different locations to learn and teach without the need to be with the physical product or in the operating field. In addition, it accelerates the learning speed – in a few minutes the student can go through the entire operation process before moving on to the real product, providing a sense of confidence.

Currently, this training mode is available on the New Holland CR EVO 7.90 combine harvester, where it is possible to carry out the complete harvesting operation, take a tour around the machine for full product recognition, climb into the cabin and carry out all operating commands. The operator can harvest a soybean field, practicing the headland maneuver at the headland and unloading the grain into a truck.

Additional training is available for the New Holland Defensor 2500 Sprayer. Here the technology allows the user to tour around the product and interact with the main components and features, completely operating and spraying with all cabin controls.

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