CNH invests in AI drone imaging

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Bem Agro uses AI to convert any type of aerial field image, including those taken from machines, drones and satellites, into Agronomic Mapping Reports. These reports provide vital data that enables farmers to make better decisions about optimizing field operations, allocating resources and increasing yield while driving improved machine performance, greater productivity and reduced running costs.

In sugarcane, grain and fiber harvesting, where farmers can face low-visibility conditions, Bem Agro’s maps provide guidance lines for course correction and crop damage reduction. Their weed mapping pinpoints specific areas to be sprayed, minimizing herbicide usage.

This investment follows over five years of successful commercial partnership with Bem Agro. CNH currently uses their mapping solutions on Case IH and New Holland brands’ Connected Platforms for sugarcane harvesters, tractors and sprayers in Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand. Together with Bem Agro, CNH aims to significantly enhance their current and future precision technology solutions, services and reach for agriculture across Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Positive feedback from the CNH dealer network and customers was instrumental in driving this strategic investment for CNH.

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