Agri Robo KVT goes autonomous

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Kubota introduces the MR 1000A Agri Robo KVT. Hence, the Japanese manufacturer is meeting the demand for greater efficiency and safety on increasingly large farms that are facing greater labour shortages and striving for profitability in the domestic market. The Agri Robo KVT model can be controlled manually or remotely and autonomously.

This makes road journeys easier and allows for long working days in the fields. Agri Robo KVT enhances Kubota’s range of autonomous tractors, which started in Japan in 2017 with the SL60A, followed by the 100 hp class in 2020. The new autonomous tractor model solves labour shortages and allows the performance of precise work, even at night, without interruptions, while guaranteeing maximum comfort, safety and efficiency.

The new Kubota tractor allows farmers to operate either manually or autonomously. This offers a great advantage as the machine can drive on the road to the work area like a normal tractor and, once there, the autonomous mode can be activated so it does the work on its own.

In addition, thanks to its intuitive operating system, the farmer can even remotely operate two tractors at the same time with a tablet, a special remote control or a screen in the cab. The Farm Management Information System (FMIS) on the tractor panel allows real-time monitoring of the tractor, so the operator is in control of the quality of the work at all times.

Future-proof technology

Agri Robo KVT is a 100 hp, mid-range, autonomous tractor developed on the Kubota M5112 model platform, with which it shares many of its components. The Kubota V3800 four-cylinder diesel engine capable of delivering 100 hp, and the hydraulics, axles and cab, are all inherited from the previous model, but the new tractor’s KVT transmission is fully customized for autonomous functionality.

Smoothness and progressiveness are the keys to providing the best tractor-implement combination efficiency in the autonomous universe. Safety is fully guaranteed during use in automatic and remote mode. The tractor incorporates modern sonar and scanner technology, plus optical recognition systems, enabling it to detect stationary or moving obstacles or people at any distance.

Weighing between 3550 and 4130 kg, the new Agri Robo KVT is also lighter than standard tractors. This causes less soil compaction, thus protecting the soil, improving crop yields and contributing to more sustainable agriculture.

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