Versatile Quadro Disc injects slurry

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The new Quadro Disc from Evers Agro is a versatile disc injector for grain fields, grassland and arable land. It uses a sharp single disc which ensures the slurry to go straight to the roots of the crops. Hence, nutrient loss through emission is kept to a minimum. The Quadro Disc combines a large working width of up to 15 meters with a high output.

To make efficient use the of nutrients from the slurry and use the soil in a sustainable way, Evers has developed a completely new slurry injection element. The Quadro Disc elements feature four large, solid and sharp discs with a 41.5 centimeters diameter. Because of their tapered shape and large diameter, these discs encounter relatively little resistance and roll/run under all conditions. The disc spacing is 18.75 cm.

The elements feature a completely newly developed 3D suspended system for optimum adaptation to ground contours. The hydraulic cylinders in the parallelogram ensure that each element exerts the same pressure on the soil. The new slurry elements achieve optimum slurry injection across the entire working width. These innovations have helped ensure that the Quadro Disc 1200 has a low net weight of 3480 kilograms.

A key advantage of the Quadro Disc is that the combi injector produces perfect slurry injection results equally well on grain crops, grassland or arable land. Using different slurry injectors for grain crops and grassland, as well as for arable land, is no longer necessary. The spring tines on the slurry elements ensure that the slurry is covered perfectly into arable land. The tines can remain attached to the machine, even when it is folded. Innovative equipment for versatile and increased use during the spring slurry injection process.

Relatively light and compact

The Quadro Disc is fitted with horizontal slurry distributors on top of the front of the frame. As a result, the center of gravity of the combi injector is close to the tank and ensures good stability. The hose guide has been optimized for blockage-free operation. All the Quadro Disc models are equipped with flexible, heat-resistant 40 mm diameter slurry hoses. The elements are fitted with large 60 mm diameter parallel slurry outlets for smooth and clean slurry delivery. The size of the outlets protects them from stones.

The frame is of solid construction and comes standard with a V-adjustment, which makes headland turns easy. Because of all the different pivot points, the frame is able to adapt readily to the conditions of the ground. The Quadro Disc models from 12-metres working width and wider can also be used with a 9-metre working width. As an option, the injector can be fitted with a section control system.

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