Trelleborg wins tire award in Brazil

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Trelleborg tires has once again been recognized by the Visão Agro Centro-Sul Awards for delivering the “Best Agriculture Tire”. The awards ceremony, held in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil, on July 18, 2023 marks the eighth time that Trelleborg innovation has been recognized for its long-established contribution to the central and southern regions of Brazilian agriculture.

Trelleborg has been active in the Brazilian market since years, bringing technological tire solutions to farmers across South America, including Brazil’s important sugar cane market. Trelleborg tires have been instrumental in providing more support, with compounds made with recycled and natural materials and advanced tread design, helping to ensure greater sustainability while producing better crop yields today and for the future.

Mauro Oliveira, Sales Manager South America at Yokohama TWS, says: “The Visão Agro Centro-Sul award honours forward-thinking players actively working to transform agriculture as we know it, and we are proud to see our brand recognized as the best in the tire category once again. Our team of experts work side-by-side with farmers and Brazilian OEMs to gain the firsthand knowledge we need to help them succeed. Sustainability is a major driver in agriculture, and it’s an area we are working on to be best in class.”.

The Visão Agro Centro-Sul award was started in 2007 to recognize agricultural industry suppliers and experts active in the region who are leading agribusiness transformation through innovation.

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