Smart-Float available in 4 x 90 cm

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The preference for planting and ridging in one working pass has never been greater. Dewulf has been responding to this demand for several years with the Smart-Float principle. The technique was first used on the CP 42 cup planter (75 cm) and is now also available in 4 x 90 cm for the Miedema Structural 4000 belt planter.

Using Smart-Float, the Miedema Structural planter actively and continuously maintains a constant working depth of soil cultivation and planting. This approach allows growers to save time, fuel and man hours.


With the latest generation of Smart-Float machines it is possible to adjust rotary cultivation and planting depth independently from the cab on both the HMI and ISOBUS control displays. Combined with a GPS-controlled ISOBUS display, options such as Section Control and Variable Rate Control can be deployed according to specific on-site needs. Both of these functions have been available in combination with the HMI control display for some time, under the names HMI GPS Planting Comfort and Control.

Bed preparation first

The driving force behind the soil cultivation of the CP 42 Smart-Float is the SC 360 Compact cultivator. Its large, 650 mm rotor diameter makes it possible to till deeply for better growing bed preparation, while retaining the compact dimensions of the machine. Thanks to its design, the SC series always loosens enough soil, enabling the planter to easily form a good ridge. The cultivator hooks are also optionally fitted with Widia wear parts that guarantee a long service life. With this CP 42 Smart-Float, the furrow opener beam is also mounted to the planter itself with hydraulic cylinders. This provides even more precise depth control. During planting, sensors always enable the rotary cultivator to produce the desired amount of loose soil and crumbling coarseness. In this way, the furrow openers maintain a consistent planting depth that follows the contours of the field.

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