Braud multi harvester to North America

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New Holland Agriculture North America has expanded its fruit harvester portfolio in North America with the introduction of the new Braud 11.90X Multi harvester. The high-capacity Braud 11.90X Multi is developed for use in high-density olive groves and tree nut orchards, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios.

“Our proven performance in vineyards in North America and around the world with New Holland Braud fruit harvesters is well known”, said Thierry Le Briquer, Head of Grape and Olive Harvesters for New Holland. “This new model builds on the foundation New Holland Braud has built and propels our harvester portfolio into its next evolution with a focus on servicing efficient, super high-density growing operations and growers that aim to create a more sustainable cropping system.”

High capacity in high-density orchards

An entirely new machine, the Braud 11.90X Multi harvester was built to deliver high capacity and efficiency in SES fruit groves and orchards, including olives, almonds and other fruit in row planting. Even as a completely reimagined harvester, it utilizes key Braud harvester features operators will recognize, while incorporating the capability to work in multiple crops, minimize impact on trees and pick fruit with high efficiency.

11.90X Multi harvester with bigger tunnel

  • The renowned SDC shaking system. Each shaking rod in this system is independent and hinged at the rear on a maintenance-free flexible fixation. This connection allows for perfect control of the shaker action, with maximum flexibility, for gentler picking.

  • An oversized Noria basket system, which has Noria polyurethane buckets to ensure total care of trees without ground loss.

  • Tank capacity. The maximized cleaning surface ensures high harvest quality in every crop. This high capacity machine can also harvest olive orchards at speeds up to 4 km/h or 2.5 MPH in almonds, enabling operators to cover a greater area in fewer working hours.

“Not only is this machine safeguarding crop quality, but offering a size and speed advantage we haven’t seen in the North America harvester market, making it an even more efficient tool. It leverages an extra-large basket, so more capacity and less stopping, and can be driven on the road, reducing the need for additional transportation support,” Le Briquer says.

Operator comfort and precision capabilities

Each Braud 11.90X Multi harvester is built with operator experience in mind. The new model comes equipped with pneumatic seats to offer a smooth ride, air-conditioned cabs and high cab clearance for clear visibility over crop rows. Operating and setting the machine is also easy with the multifunction handle and Intelliview IV monitor. With these features, operators can easily control key equipment functions and precision applications, including auto guidance, as-applied mapping and implement control for ISOBUS.

The harvester can be equipped with a GPS row tracking system to find the tracks of the harvested rows. With the full telematic option, which includes the IntelliField module, it is possible to share the tracks when operating multiple harvesters in the same field. New Holland Speciality PLM technology continues to advance connectivity in the grove and orchard. The technology helps customers optimize their harvester capabilities and achieve the greatest return on their investment.

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