CHD and BBLeap launch Leap Edition

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BBLeap is an advanced crop protection technique, which only sprays at plant level where needed. Also it automatically adjusts the dosage per spraying unit, according to the boom movement speed when the machine makes a turning movement on the field. Hitherto the system was only available as retrofit on existing machines. However, new CHD sprayers can be delivered shortly with a fully integrated BBLeap system.

A trusted CHD sprayer with the unique variable spray technology and central control of BBLeap. Thanks to close collaboration between the two companies, everything is fully integrated. The field sprayer will be assembled at the CHD works in The Netherlands and delivered to customer. The first machines have already been ordered and will delivered to Denmark and Sweden among others. CHD dealers have been introduced to the new sprayer and responded positively.

Fully integrated spraying technology

That the LeapBox can be mounted on any sprayer is nothing new, but a Leap Edition is. This is a sprayer where the BBLeap spraying technology is fully integrated. The central control of the CHD sprayer is now driven by BBLeap. Practically the system controls the folding in and out, filling and rinsing program, find everything on 1 screen, the boom height control with variable geometry control, control of the cranes, pressure control, tank level measurement, tank display, axle control, control of lighting and more. Because of the central control from BBLeap, a sprayer computer is no longer needed.

For operation, in addition to the virtual terminal, a control box has also been developed. Ease of operation was at the centre of the development and this has been reflected in the design.

Spraying at plant level

A healthy and strong crop is what every farmer is aiming at. By spraying on plant level, it is possible to bully the crop far less. Crop protection is necessary, but not every plant needs it. Spraying “bullies” the crop and it still stagnates in its growth for a few days.

LeapBox provides a technique which does what it actually needs to do. “Spray only what and where it is needed”. The rest of the crop can then continue to grow undisturbed.

About the technique

LeapBox is an advanced spray technology. Field sprayers with LeapBox have the unique ability to spray at a variable rate every 25 x 25cm. (100 duty cycles a second and 40 variable rates per second). Robot sprayers can spray at even smaller dimensions.

It consists of electric valves to perform the output controlled by modules. The modules are controlled by a central computer mounted to the sprayer. LeapBox also includes an IMU (inertial measurement unit), power back up and other hardware depending on the sprayer if needed.

The basics for the perfect spraying quality are:

  • Always the perfect distribution
  • Always the exact volume
  • Always the right droplet size

Regardless speeding up, slowing down or taking corners. Each nozzle individually adapts to its speed and position. Working with the LeapBox is easy with its user-friendly virtual terminal. Users can easily upload high resolution task maps.

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