Precise spreading with Primo E/EW Isotronic

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Maschio Gaspardo introduces several updates to make its Primo fertilizer spreader more precise and efficient. The E/EW Isotronic versions present important new features, such as the hopper capacity of up to 4,450 litres and the section control up to 32 sections. The new Primo EWH Isotronic introduces the innovative discs transmission with 2 independent hydraulic motors. This allows for maximum distribution precision throughout the field thanks to the ISOBUS communication protocol.

Maschio Gaspardo offers the “Exclusive” range of the Primo E/EW Isotronic with electric and automatic adjustment of the fertilizer drop point on the disc with 32 sections (instead of 8) and double reading point on prescription map. This is a system that allows two different doses to be distributed for each disc, empty hopper sensors and heavy duty disc vanes to increase the efficiency of the Primo (the latter is available as an option on the other models).

The hopper is presented with a coupling system of the stackable extensions using patented plastic supports. To further increase the operational autonomy, a high-capacity version with a maximum capacity of 4,500 kg and a hopper capacity of 4,450 liters has been developed. To enable product loading operations, a curved hopper cover with electric opening will be available on all Primo Isotronic versions, which can be operated either from the ISOBUS monitor or from the machine.

The activation of the spreading discs is one of the main innovations of the Primo Isotronic. In addition to the classic cardan transmission, the one with hydraulic PTO is now also available. A hydraulic pump operated by the tractor distributor, allows the disks to be activated, a simpler and faster solution.

Nevertheless, it is the EWH version, available only in the top of the “Exclusive” range, to present the most important update. The new fully hydraulic transmission uses two independently controlled geared motors driven by the tractor’s hydraulic system: these allow a better speed control of the two spreading discs for a more precise and effective work. The advantages of the new transmission are many: independence of the speed of rotation of the two spreading discs in relation to the tractor’s engine revs and the forward speed, better control of the sections, fuel savings and less noise.

In addition, to ensure greater management of the spreading width, especially when operating close to sensitive areas (watercourses or residential areas), the border central limiting device kit has also been introduced, which operates over the two discs (for fertilization from the edge of the field inwards).

The functionalities of Primo EW/EWH Isotronic are also enhanced by design: in addition to the already well-known rounded tarp, the new Vision light bar is now available, also the latter is the result of the collaboration with SID (Italian School of Design). It is an integral part of the family feeling of Isotronic products, which began with the innovative and award-winning power harrow with ISOBUS communication protocol, Toro Isotronic.

The ISOBUS software, developed by Maschio Gaspardo, allows the operator to adjust all spreading parameters in order to achieve high quality distribution patterns: fertilizer distribution variable rate (VR) and 8-section control (Efficient range), or 32-section control (Exclusive range). The distribution system is the most important part of the machine and consists of a roto vibrating agitator (mounted on bearings) that conveys the fertilizer to the mobile drop point without breaking the fertilizer.

The main features of Primo remain those already known and consolidated with the TSS – Twin shutter system for opening/closing of the spreading and the dosing adjustment. The combined and simultaneous operation of the two shutters ensures maximum spreading precision in all parts of the field, even in the most irregular and difficult to reach areas such as during headland maneuvers, always a critical area for this type of activity.

Disc replacement is quick and easy thanks to the quick-release system (patented) just using the tool provided. Two spreading discs are available: one for working widths from 12 to 21 meters and one from 21 to 36 meters.

The fertilizer drop point section not only has a special three-lobe shape that guarantees homogeneous distribution even with very low required volumes, but also allows one of the highest flows of fertilizer on the market: 640 kg/min!

Finally, through the functional “My Maschio Gaspardo APP”  it is possible to set adjustments for all models in just a few minutes, making work easier and more precise. The “Spreader Smart Set” function helps the operator to view all Primo adjustments from the comfort of his smartphone. By entering the required spreading values (type of fertilizer, working width and required dose), it is possible to obtain the correct setting parameters and a quick recap of the specifications of the used fertilizer.

Primo E/EW IsotronicTransport Width (cm)Hopper Capacity  (l)Loading Height (cm)Working Width (m)Max. Payload (kg)
2132531.27010912 – 363.200
2182531.80512412 – 363.200
224* 2532.34013912 – 363.200
229*2532.87515412 – 36 3.200
3142851.35010912 – 363.200
3202851.97012412 – 363.200
326*2852.59013912 – 363.200
332*2853.21015412 – 363.200
432*2853.21015412 – 364.500
438*2853.83016912 – 364.500
445*2854.45018412 – 364.500

* also available in Primo Isotronic version

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