Smart spot spraying with Kuhn I-SPRAY

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Introduced for the first time at the SIMA show in 2019, the Kuhn I-SPRAY smart spot application concept keeps moving forward. Integration on Kuhn Group sprayers, in partnership with Carbon Bee, latest developments as well as numerous tests and agronomic trials have significantly enriched the capabilities of the system.

From “Green on Brown” on bare ground to “Green on Green” for weed detection in crops, the I-SPRAY solution promotes a rapid return on investment.  It is suitable for a wide range of applications. Depending on crop and weed infestation, chemical product savings up to 95% can be observed compared to a conventional application. To be on the safe side, it is also possible to broadcast at low volume while increasing the dose in a spotted manner on the corresponding nozzle when a weed is detected. In a near future, the measurement of parameters such as biomass will allow targeted and variable application of fungicides, growth regulators and even nitrogen.

A new generation of sensors

More compact and twice as light, the new hyperspectral sensors can now be positioned directly on the boom without considering the system of masts used so far. This is possible particularly thanks to new optics widening the field of vision which also avoids multiplying the number of sensors. Finally, latest-generation artificial intelligence components are completing the set, the objective always remaining the same: constantly monitor the crop in self-learning mode to detect weeds with always greater accuracy, classify them and avoid any systematic application which breeds the ground for herbicide resistance.

High level of integration

Either on the sprayer itself with sensors perfectly adapted to Kuhn booms, or within the ISOBUS communication interface, or even in the MyKUHN digital environment for data as well as maps streaming and storage, the I-SPRAY solution stands out for its level of integration. For applications in limiting light conditions, a Kuhn LED lighting solution has also been considered in parallel. Ease of use, intuitiveness and customer experience are thus favoured.

I-SPRAY will be available in limited quantities from the beginning of 2024 on Kuhn Group mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers.

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