Kuhn SPW Power mixer adapted to large farms

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Up to now, the Kuhn high-capacity self-propelled mixer range was represented by the SPW Intense range designed for intensive use: farming cooperatives, etc. Since dairy farms and beef cattle farms expand in size, farmers need high-capacity self-propelled mixers for use in buildings with significant space limitations. As a result, Kuhn will expand its range with the arrival of the new SPW Power range.

The new range is available in 18, 19, 21 and 22 m3 capacity, with two vertical augers. The SPW Power is  adapted for farms with 90 to 165 dairy cows, to be fed in a single pass.  It is powered by a PH5 engine with 167 HP (4-cylinder variable speed), which guarantees the power required for the primary functions of the machine and adapted to all ration profiles.

Based on the vertical single-auger SPV range, the SPW Power features specific geometries. The mixing tub is fitted between the two axles.

Even with a capacity of 22 m3 under 3m in height, these machines will manoeuvre through any types of buildings. Feeding with a retractable under-tub conveyor allows to keep the overall width within a 2.55 m road gauge. For farmers using extra-high troughs, the SPW Power models can feature optional tilting conveyors.

The 120 HP milling head enables quick loading of all types of fodder, even when using fibres: hay and haylage. Electronic milling head control on the downstroke during silage cutting, automatically adapts the speed to the density of the fodder, allowing to reduce its impact on maize silage. The mixing mechanism consists of two vertical augers to quickly cut and mix the ration ingredients.

Four steered wheels with the 2nd axle positioned at the rear of the tub allows drive ability with only 7.50 m turning radius. It is approved at 25 km/h for road travel in terms of security and compliance with current standards.

As the engine is front-mounted, 62% of the machine loaded weight ) is charged on the driving axle, enabling excellent traction on rough terrain.

The “Visiospace” cab has a 360° panoramic view and generous dimensions for comfortable driving. Ground clearance is 300 mm, allowing the vehicle to avoid obstacles and livestock building thresholds.

The entire SPW Power range comes with a 5-year Kuhn Connect connectivity feature as standard (according to the countries) providing farmers with relevant indicators on the MyKUHN dashboard. With repartition of the operating times (loading, feeding, travel, etc.) and the fuel consumption data, the information presented to the farmer highlights the progress margins in terms of operating costs. Kuhn partner dealerships also have access to the useful information relating to the operation of the machine, providing the required diagnostic assistance and proactive maintenance tools.

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