Selective spraying with Weed-IT Quadro Red

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Rometron introduces Weed-IT Quadro Red, the next evolution in weed elimination. It is based on the use of red coloured LED lights, rather than blue LEDs. An evolution and a clear step forward in selective spraying technology.

Rometron has taken the problematic availability of blue LEDs in use for its Weed-IT Quadro system in the past one and a half year as an opportunity to further evolve its technology. Benefitting as well from recent performances achieved in greenhouses, where new red LEDs have proven to outperform other LED colours including blue on consistency, efficiency and predictability. Three aspects that are essential for effective weed elimination by means of spot spraying. Since mid-2021, Weed-IT engineers, distributors and customers have therefore been doing extensive comparative testing on the operability and performance of various types of LEDs including blue and red coloured ones. These tests show that red LEDs have currently overcome their blue counterparts.

Thanks to these good results, Rometron has decided to use red LEDs in its Weed-IT Quadro technology from November 2022 onwards. The changeover to Quadro Red sensors will consequently occur from then, depending on the regions where Weed-IT is marketed. “Through responding to market needs and conditions, we are able to introduce the next evolution of our spot and precision spraying system to enable our customers to eliminate more weeds with less effort and as sustainable and durable as possible. Weed-IT Quadro Red will remain Weed-IT Quadro with the same reliability, performance and ease of use for weed elimination on plant level”, says founder Roel de Jonge of Rometron.

Backward and forward compatible

Who could have thought that a pandemic would lead to supply chain disruptions resulting in skyrocketing prices for farm machinery, crop protection agents and energy? A situation that has also led to increased attention and demand for spot praying in general and green-on-brown selective spraying in particular. By implementing green-on-brown spot spraying along with the right weed management strategy, farmers can prevent weeds from growing and emerging rather than combating them afterwards when the crop is already growing. Green-on-brown selective spraying helps save farmers up to 90% on their chemical costs!

While the earmark colour of Weed-IT will evolve from blue to the newest state-of-the art red LED technology, each and every other element of the system will remain unchanged. This means that existing users of Weed-IT Quadro can benefit from the service from Rometron and its distributors and from future updates, upgrades and features in the same way and under the same conditions and circumstances as they are used to.

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