Väderstad Farm in Germany opens its doors

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Väderstad, specialist in tillage, drilling and planting, officially unveils its “Väderstad Farm” in Germany. Together with the Väderstad Farm in Sweden, these will be knowledge centers where innovations are showcased and meet partners and customers.

“We now have two Väderstad farms, one in Sweden and one in Germany”, says Nina Pettersson, Chief Agronomist at Väderstad. “These are important sites for us, both to meet customers, partners and journalists to display our innovative strength. But also as places where we perform field trials and try out new methods and concepts, both for today and for tomorrow. We already have established partnerships with The Chamber of Agriculture, Universities and other organizations to develop joint trials and other ongoing projects to grow and share knowledge.”

“The Väderstad Farm in Germany covers 50 hectares, together with an 800 m2 machine hall for demonstrations and trainings”, she continues. “Inside the machine hall we have built a classical red Swedish cottage with white corners, used as office, to celebrate our roots.”

The Farm will be used both for external events, but also for internal trainings and for field trials.

“We are very excited to welcome visitors to our new German farm which will be important for us going forward. It will be a place where we look to optimize the use of both current and future products and methods. A place where we show everyone the Väderstad way of doing things”, according to Karl-Hubertus Reher, Managing Director of Väderstad in Germany.

The Väderstad Farm in Germany is located just outside Helmstedt in Niedersachsen state.

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