Simple 5DF Keyline Stage V from Deutz-Fahr

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The new simple and robust 5DF Keyline series from Deutz-Fahr consists of two models, 5070DF Keyline and 5080DF Keyline. These new tractors are suitable for any application in the vineyard, fruit orchard nursery and for protected crop farming.

Robust and simple to use, these tractors combine fuel efficiency with minimal maintenance needs, while at the same time being compact, offering high performance and reliability. These models provide guaranteed safety with a tried-and-tested all-wheel braking system.

The compact dimensions of the FARMotion 35 engine powering the 5DF Keyline family, contributes to manoeuvrability of these tractors by allowing for generous steering angles. The engines are compliant with Stage V emissions regulations without using AdBlue. Thanks to a torque reserve of 28%, highest performance is ensured with the 5080DF Keyline. And due to the maximum engine speed of just 2200 rpm also a low noise level is guaranteed.

Four different transmission configurations are available, all of which conceived for efficiency, sturdiness and reliability. With the offered 8+8 speed base version up to the all-new 30+15 variant with supercreeper and underdrive, all customer requirements can be fulfilled. All versions are capable of a road speed of 40 km/h, while the transmission variants with supercreeper allows for ground speeds as low as 230 m/h at maximum engine speed in the lowest ratio available. The PTO has a separate lever-operated clutch allowing for simple and progressive engagement and disengagement. An extensive choice of PTO configurations is offered including groundspeed PTO, which synchronises the PTO with the transmission.

The hydraulic system is available with up to 50 l/min flow in addition to an additional secondary pump dedicated to the hydraulic steering system. 2 or 3 rear spool valves and up to 3050 kg rear lift capacity allowing the use of all common implements. The front axle features 100% lockable front differential lock controllable from the driver seat. The maximum steering angle of 55° ensures the maximum agility in any condition.

The modern, rational layout of the driver zone, with a low profile central tunnel and easy to reach, precise controls, offers much comfort.  The Deutz-Fahr brand’s tried-and-tested colour-coded control layout ensures that every control is easily identifiable to make these machines as effective and easy to use as possible and minimise operator stress in even the most taxing conditions. The state of the art dashboard features a practical digital display providing the driver with all the information necessary concerning the functions and operating status of the machine, while the gear levers ensure precise, effortless shifting action.

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