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New Holland Agriculture North America and MacDon Industries announced the debut of their co-branded combine header, the FD2 FlexDraper. The new header featurins a unique float response, more header flex and ultimate cutting capacity. The FD2 FlexDraper can be mounted on any New Holland CR Series or CX Series combine.

“The FD2 FlexDraper was introduced with the vision of pushing our harvesters to do more capacity, more flex and more speed and get the job done in less time,” states Curtis Hillen, combine marketing manager for New Holland Agriculture North America. “This strategic partnership combines the harvesting portfolios of New Holland and MacDon to offer our customers a cohesive harvesting solution.”

The FD2 FlexDraper is available in widths up to 50 feet (15 meters) and is offered with a new triple reel configuration on headers 40 feet and longer. All FD2 FlexDraper models will boast the Clean Sweep Crop Keeper System to keep the crop moving in the right direction by using angled reel fingers and tines, reel endshield crop paddles, reel endshield crop deflectors and inner endshield crop deflector fingers.

Giving operators float and flex

This new header utilizes the MacDon Active Float System, which allows the integrated mechanical float system to support 97% of the FD2 FlexDraper header’s weight. The float response navigates over ground fluctuations with up to 70% more flex. The 17-inch flex on either end of the three-section header provides a clean, close cut with the versatility to harvest cereals, oilseeds and beans over uneven terrain without ever pushing dirt.

With the FD2 FlexDraper, growers and operators have the option of ContourMax contour wheels. This system follows the field terrain ensuring a consistent stubble height whether shaving the earth or harvesting up to 18 inches off the ground. The triple reel available on 40 foot and larger FD2 FlexDrapers mirrors the three-section header to provide a close reel-to-cutterbar relation, ensuring smooth consistent feeding of flex position.

Focusing on cutting speed and capacity

The FD2 FlexDraper includes the MacDon ClearCut high-speed cutting system, which leverages new knife sections, two new guard options and an improved knife drive system. The result: 30% more speed than the previous FD1 model. The ClearCut knife sections have new geometry that provide a 25% larger cutting surface. The option of ClearCut pointed knife guards or ClearCut PlugFree knife guards allows customers to choose the guard system most suited to their harvest conditions. The use of the ClearCut high speed knife drive provides customers the torque and durability to power through the most challenging cutting conditions. As an added option, the FD2 FlexDraper can come equipped with the MacDon VertiBlade vertical knife to reduce seed loss in crops prone to tangling like canola.

The FD2 FlexDraper pairs a 50-inch-deep draper with improved cutterbar visibility to deliver 20% more capacity than previous models in bushy, high-volume crops, like canola, peas and mustard. The MacDon Active crop flow featured as part of the FD2 FlexDraper provides head-first delivery of crops along the side drapers toward the FeedMax crop feeding system to ensure efficient feeding and improved threshing performance. which has customizable auger settings and speed control.

Designed with the objective to make harvest easier, the FD2 FlexDraper takes the stress off operators by integrating easy set-up, operation and upgrades. Every FD2 FlexDraper utilizes the EasyMove transport system to travel up to 20 miles per hour, allowing for seamless transportation from field to field.

The New Holland and MacDon Industries partnership

New Holland Agriculture announced their partnership with MacDon Industries in December 2021. The partnership began over a shared interest in creating harvesting equipment to help farmers increase in-field performance and decrease running costs. This is the first step in the partnership, and the two brands will continue to work together to develop best-in-class harvesting products.

“The FD2 FlexDraper was developed to create unmatched durability and reliability for customers, two key elements that are important to any piece of New Holland equipment produced,” according to Hillen. “Those elements are the pillars of all future product collaborations between New Holland and MacDon Industries, and we’re excited to take this first step.”

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