Deutz-Fahr launches 4E compact format Series

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The new Deutz-Fahr 4E Series Stage V was conceived specifically to answer the needs of both specialised and  smaller farming operations, but equally suited to municipal and ground maintenance work. Robust and simple to use, these tractors combine fuel efficiency with minimal maintenance needs.

The range  is made up of 4 models available as both 2 and 4 wheel drive variants, with a modern, functional design and an ergonomically designed driver zone offering a good level of driver comfort.

Hard at work under the single-piece hood is the 3 cylinder FARMotion 35 engine, a powerplant developed specifically by SDF for agricultural applications. Compliant with Stage V emissions standards, the FARMotion 35 features 2000 bar common rail fuel injection – turbocharger with intercooler, for performance across a broad range of engine speeds and torque on tap at lower engine speeds.

The engine range consists of four versions with maximum power outputs of 66, 76, 91 and 102 HP respectively. The first two, namely the 70 and 80 models, achieve Stage V emissions compliance with an exhaust gas recirculation circuit (EGR) working in conjunction with a DOC and DPF, while the 90 and 100 models use a DOC+DPF+SCR combined exhaust after-treatment system.

Two transmissions

2WD variants are equipped with a fully synchronized 4-speed mechanical transmission with 3 work ranges (for a total of 12+12 speeds) allowing for a comfortably top speed of 30 km/h, while 4WD versions feature a 5 speed transmission, for a total of 15 speeds in both directions and a top speed of 40 km/h  at an economical engine speed. Electrohydraulic 4WD and front and rear differential lock is standard on all the models of the 4E Series. The PTO is available with up to 3 speeds (540/540 ECO/1000) plus groundspeed. The mechanical PTO allows for a progressive and smooth engagement.

All models of the 4E Series  have a dual pump hydraulic system as standard, allowing these tractors to work productively and effectively. Specifically, the steering circuit is fed by a dedicated pump, while the separate main 48 l/min pump (or optional 56 l/min pump) delivers oil exclusively to the lift and mechanically controlled auxiliary distributors, available in configurations with up to 3 independent  valves. The mechanically controlled rear lift has a maximum capacity of 2500 kg as standard, while a 3500 kg version is offered as an option. The EasyLift controller system is now also available as an option and lets the operator raise and lower implements with a single push of  a button.

Safety first

With the 4E Series, Deutz-Fahr raises the bar, set by the brand for the levels of operator comfort of a compact utility machine. Comfort and safety are always a priority for Deutz-Fahr tractors, as demonstrated by features such as independent braking  on all four wheels  and a driver zone designed with the operator in mind. The broad range of adjustments available to the operator ensure comfort and freedom of movement for drivers of any stature, while broad, anti-slip steps grab handles on both sides facilitate easy access.  The controls have been logically reorganised in consideration of frequency of use, and are clearly identified using the brand’s tried-and-tested colour-coded scheme. The analogue-digital display on the dashboard provides the operator with clear, immediately legible information on the operating status and functions of the tractor. The mat in insulating material further improves comfort by minimising the noise, vibration and heat reaching the operator from the engine. To make operation in poor lighting conditions easier, all models can be fitted with up to 5 optional work lights; and to take the versatility of the 4E Series  to greater heights, a choice of two integrated factory-fitted front loader options are also available (Light kit or Ready kit) to allow for quick and simple attachment of the front loader.

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