Väderstad introduces the all-new Inspire 1200C/S

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Väderstad announces the introduction of the new Inspire product family, focused on bringing excellent seeding results to the 12-meter seed drill segment. The Inspire 1200C/S is designed to combine high capacity with an exact seeding precision.

The new Inspire 1200C/S is aimed at farmers with high-capacity needs. It’s compact both in field and in transport and the combi version Inspire 1200C has one of the largest hoppers in its class, says Björn Jeansson, Commercial Product Manager at Väderstad.

The heart of Inspire is its responsive double disc seed coulter system. It has an excellent ability to adapt to any irregularities on the field, thereby always keeping the seeding depth constant. The result is precise seed placement and an even emergence over the entire field.

The Inspire 1200C/S will be available in two different models: 1200S and 1200C. The seed-only version Inspire 1200S is equipped with a 5000-litre hopper for seeds. While the combi version Inspire 1200C has a 7200-litre hopper holding both seeds and fertiliser in two separate compartments. When leaving the Inspire 1200C hopper, the seed and fertilizer is mixed into the same airstream and placed together into the soil.

vaderstad inspire

A key feature of Inspire 1200C/S is its ability to control the seeding output in eight separate sections. To ensure a constant and even product flow from the large hopper to the seed coulters, the seeds and fertiliser are metered out with high output precision from the large hopper via 8 Fenix III metering units.

Inspire 1200C/S is able to control the output in eight separate sections. This means that Inspire 1200C/S can conduct a variable rate as well as sectional control down to 1.5m sections. This is a unique precision feature in the 12-metre seed drill segment, says Björn Jeansson. 

When in the field, the seeding operation is easily controlled via the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control, which is also possible to connect with a ISOBUS task control system.

Väderstad Inspire 1200C/S will have its premiere at the international tradeshow Agritechnica in February 2022. The machine will be available from the end of 2022.

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