Krone Big X limits to 3 meters transport width

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The transport width shrinks to 3m for all KRONE forage harvesters. After the BiG X 480-630 models were configured to the 3m transport width in 2013, the BiG X 680-1180 models follow suit this year – courtesy of new 680/80 R38 tyres that are now available for the front wheels.

The new tyre option frees owners from acquiring a special road permit for these machines.

As another plus point, when using the optional transport running gear for the XCollect maize header, the machines don’t even exceed the permissible 11.5t axle load. These solutions result in great ride comfort on public roads and a large footprint and exemplary soil protection in the field. The tyres are rated to high load capacities and are perfectly compatible with all types of headers.

The popular combination of a BiG X 680/780 on 680/80 R38 tyres with an XCollect 750-3 head with comfort front guard and transport running gear can now travel on public roads without restrictions. The automatic comfort front guard moves into position automatically without operators leaving the cab for fast changeovers and travel between fields.

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