4th Pöttinger plant opened, groundbreaking next phase

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The fourth Pöttinger production plant was officially opened on 11 June 2021. Together with the company owners, management team, employees and due to Corona, a small gathering of invited guests attended the handover of the new plant in St. Georgen near Grieskirchen, Austria. Also the groundbreaking ceremony for the next phase took place concurrently.

The first expansion phase was completed in just one year at an investment of EUR 25 million. The very strong order situation and the limited space available at the main plant mean that construction needs to quickly continue. That’s why the groundbreaking ceremony for the next phase took place at the same time.

Like clockwork

When the master clockmaker and locksmith Franz Pöttinger founded the company in 1871, he would never have guessed that exactly 150 years later, the company’s fourth production plant would be opened under his name. In addition to the main plant in Grieskirchen which manufactures grassland implements, the seed drill plant in Bernburg, Germany, the tillage plant in Vodnany, Czech Republic and the new plant now complete the quartet. Round balers and large rakes will be manufactured here.

The first phase – which provides 6,300 m2 of production space on a site of 17 hectares – was completed in the record time of just one year. In order to be able to support the ongoing growth of the company, Pöttinger designed the new production plant in such a way that, when completed, it will offer a production area similar to the manufacturing plant at headquarters.

The groundbreaking ceremony held during the official opening marked the start of construction on the second expansion phase. This new stage means an expansion of about twice the current production area and an investment of around another EUR 45 million. In future, the high-quality paintwork of the machines will also be carried out at the new plant. Cathodic dip painting is an environmentally friendly coating process. No solvent is used in the mixing and application of the coatings. This gives Pöttinger machines eye-catching paintwork that has a longer service life. That, too, is sustainability.

“We are pleased with the positive development of our business and want to use the momentum of current demand to achieve sustainability by expanding distribution and introducing new products. This development will be supported in the best possible way by these expansion phases,” says Gregor Dietachmayr, Spokesperson for the Management Team, delighted with the ongoing expansion work.

Back to nature

As a family business and agricultural machinery manufacturer, Pöttinger focuses on people and the environment. In the development of its machines, the objective is not only the best working results, but also the maximum conservation of resources. Sustainability is also a priority in the construction of the new buildings. That is why wood has been used throughout as a renewable building material. Implementing a green roof reduces the effects of soil sealing to a minimum.

Underfloor heating has been implemented to make optimum use of the residual heat from the production processes. Energy-saving measures such as the use of LED technology, high-quality thermal insulation and heat recovery are already part of the philosophy at Pöttinger. The natural exterior design promotes biodiversity: A 6,000 m2 flowering meadow in front of the plant and several beehives provide further integration into the natural surroundings.

“The natural outdoor environment features wooded and lawn areas as open spaces for employees to enjoy during their breaks,” says an enthusiastic Jörg Lechner, the managing director responsible for the construction project. He goes on to say: “The new building will create additional value in the region as we once again strengthen our roots in Austria; a production location with high quality standards.”

Around 60 employees will start assembling the IMPRESS round baler and TOP large rakes. The assembly line is an ergonomic workplace designed to the highest standards. “When the additional building has been completed, we will be able to offer another 30 to 40 people a high-quality workplace here,” says Jörg Lechner, who is responsible for production.

Honour the past – be the future

By building the new plant near to the group’s headquarters, the international agricultural machinery company is honouring its local roots. “The entrepreneurial drive of the founder Franz Pöttinger laid the foundation for an internationally successful company 150 years ago with the development of his forage cutting machine. This positive spirit will continue to flourish in the new plant. The ongoing development of the company, sets the pace for further expansion phases. As we set our course into the future, we are guided by our motto: Everyone needs agriculture,” says Gregor Dietachmayr, underlining some of the companies key values.

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