Case IH introduces next level Axial-Flow 150 Series combines

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The latest Axial-Flow 150 Series combines from Case IH present a raft of new features. The model enhancements will provide more power, increased productivity, and make operation easy. The updated models are designed to deliver more return on investment for farmers and contract harvesters across the Asia, Middle East and Africa region.

The latest Axial-Flow 150 Series combine harvesters from Case IH are even more robust, powerful and efficient than previous models with a number of new features set to enhance the productivity of owners. According to Case IH Axial-Flow Product Marketing Manager, Massimiliano Sala, the new features have been chosen to better fit the needs of farmers and contractors across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
“We know that getting grain in the silo is key to maximising income, but also that combine running costs are one of the highest on-farm expenses,” Mr Sala said. “At the heart of Axial-Flow 150 Series combines are engine and rotor refinements allowing the operator to extract as much power as possible from every last drop of diesel, while ensuring the long-lasting reliability of every component.”

Engine enhancements

All new models feature Tier III FTP engines with an internal EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system eliminating the requirement for the maintenance of a radiator, valve and hoses of an external EGR solution. Featuring Common Rail fuel injection, the new engines are designed for optimum fuel efficiency as well as power growth when it’s needed, so harvesting and unloading can be maintained simultaneously, even in tough conditions. The new Axial-Flow 5150 model, with its 6.7L engine, boasts an additional 20hp at maximum power over the previous model (315hp vs 295hp). The new maximum power allows for a significant capacity increase.
The electronic Variable Geometry Turbo (eVGT) installed in the Axial-Flow 7150’s Cursor 9 engine ensures faster reactions under heavy loads and optimises the air intake at any engine speed, which results in best-in-class fuel consumption.

Advanced feeding system

The high-performance feeder housing has been enhanced on the latest models. The rugged feeder can handle up to 10.7 m (35ft) headers on Axial-Flow 6150 and 7150 models and matches the volume requirements of the threshing and separating systems. The new reinforced four-chain feeder available on “no-stone trap” models drastically reduces the risk of chain twisting in high straw conditions and ensures a longer life. The service-free hydraulic feeder drive belt tensioner allows higher reliability for harvesting with ease and confidence.

Increased grain tank capacity

Axial-Flow 150 Series combines are designed to put large quantities of clean, high quality grain in the tank – fast.The latest Axial-Flow 5150 now features a much larger grain tank than on previous models (now 9200L, or 10,570L with the optional covers). The Axial-Flow 6150 and 7150 models also boast 10,570L grain tanks.

The optional electric grain tank extension folding function makes for easier transport/storage, as well as fast-acting protection if the weather turns bad. The open style extensions widen the grain tank towards the top, to ensure maximum fill without spillage when working on rolling fields. The central grain tank filling auger reaches high over the top to keep filling efficiently without crop pushing back, while a new high capacity elevator allows high speed harvesting of high yielding crops like corn.

Simplified straw management

Without impacting chopping quality, a new mechanical spreader allows chopped material to spread over the entire header width, while drastically reducing maintenance requirements and minimizing repair costs. A quick changeover from chopping to swathing can be achieved easily in the field, while a simple manual adjustment changes the chopper speed as well as seven different counter-knife positions.
Fixing the counter-knives into pre-set positions in the straw channel allows the chopping aggression to be altered according to the requirements, for example, when spreading long straw to speed up drying in bad crop or weather conditions.

Enhanced driving experience

The new four-speed electric shifting transmission provides effortless shifting while moving from working mode to roading. The 4WD system has also been significantly improved with the Axial-Flow 150 Series now offering the same hydrostatic motor as on Axial-Flow 250 Series. The torque available from the rear axle is significantly higher which improves traction, especially in rice fields or wet, muddy corn harvesting. Inside the cab, the A-post instrument cluster allows for an unobstructed view on the front and side of the machine, while all the information is logically grouped, making it easy and intuitive to keep an eye on machine statistics. On combines equipped with AFS (Advanced Farming Systems), the AFS Pro 700 screen is used to manage those functions. A completely new set of LED lights improves visibility during night harvesting operations and contributes to the cab’s pleasing aesthetic.

AFS helps get the most

Case IH’s AFS (Advanced Farming Systems), provide the advantage of all-in-one hardware and software from a single source. AFS enables operators to optimise machine usage, reduce skips and overlaps to improve field efficiency and guarantee an even spread of residue, carry out perfect work in poor visibility, create straight tracks and windrows to make high-speed baling a breeze, and deliver year-on-year repeatability driving on the same track to minimise the compacted area of the field.

The addition of AFS Connect allows Axial-Flow owners to remotely monitor and manage their farm, fleet and data, further boosting performance, productivity and flexibility.

“The new Axial-Flow 150 Series combines deliver all-time-high productivity, comfort, serviceability and reliability,” Mr Sala said. “We design these machines to ensure our customers get the best quality grain, in an easy and efficient harvesting operation. And with easy access to service points for daily maintenance, not one minute will be wasted in servicing, which is important when you’re trying to harvest so many hectares in a day,” he said.

Specifications for the Axial-Flow 150 Series may vary by country. For more information about a model to suit, visit

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