Oxbo unveils divisional structure

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Oxbo, specialist in harvesting and controlled application equipment, enters into a new structure, designed to more effectively meet the diverse needs to its global customer base. This strategic reorganization reflects Oxbo’s commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction, driving innovation, and delivering customer value.

The new structure emphasizes responsiveness and collaboration across departments and geographical regions. By aligning teams more closely by market, Oxbo aims to deliver customer-focused solutions and service in its core markets: High Value Crops, Forage and Fruit.

Key benefits of the structure

Customer-focused approach
Teams are structured around customers to ensure a commitment to partnership and a deep understanding of customer needs and requirements.

Global integration
Enhanced coordination and communication between Oxbo’s global locations to enable seamless delivery of products and services on a global scale.

Cross functional collaboration
Cross functional, market-focused teams to foster innovation and enable rapid development to meeting evolving market demands.

Empowered teams
Teams are empowered to make decisions, to drive continuous improvement initiatives, and to react to changing market conditions.

Next step

“Oxbo’s new divisional structure represents the next step in our journey,” said Roel Zeevat, CEO of Oxbo. “By fostering collaboration, innovation, and customer focus, we strive to deliver value to our global customers.”

Oxbo’s High Value Crop division is focused on the needs of customers in the vegetable, seed, root, and manure, biosolid, and chemical application markets. Featuring equipment in both the Oxbo or H&S brand, the Forage division delivers merging technology along with a complete product line of forage equipment, from manure spreaders to rakes and line wrappers. Oxbo’s Fruit division is focused on delivering equipment to meet the needs of berry, coffee, grape, olive, tomato and pistachio customers.

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