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Väderstad has introduced a seed rate calculator. It enables farmers to easily find their correct seed rate and convert between seed volume and seed population. The calculator is available on and can be used from a computer, as well as from a mobile device, like a smartphone or iPad, in field.

In the calculator the operator can either target the actual seed rate in kg/ha (seed volume), or the target seed rate of yielding plants in the field measured as plants/m2 (seed population).

After entering the data, matching seeds and conditions,  the operator then enters the thousand kernel weight and germination rate for the seed, numbers that are normally depicted on the seed bag. Then fill in an estimation of projected field losses in % because of factors such as weather, conditions in the field and pests and finally enter the size of the field.

For maximum ease of use, if you don’t want to enter all figures manually, you can also select between nine commonly used crops where standard values for TKW and germination rate are already prefilled. When all the data have been entered you get a calculated seed rate to reach your chosen target.

The seed rate calculator is available both in metric and imperial system, depending on where in the world you are.

Go to the seed rate calculator here.

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