AGCO proceeds in sustainability

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“Our Farmer-First strategy is about understanding farmers’ pain points so we can better serve them”, said Eric Hansotia, AGCO Chairman, President & CEO. “This year’s Sustainability Report highlights progress on commitments in our own operations and the many solutions at work and in development to help farmers sustainably feed the world.”

The path toward decarbonization begins in AGCO’s manufacturing plants and extends to farmers’ fields. The company does this by serving farmers with a choice of clean energy solutions, from electrifying lower horsepower products to developing hydrogen- and biomethane-compatible powertrains. Examples of the company’s innovation in 2023 include the launch of the first battery-electric tractor, the Fendt e107 V Vario, and the award-winning CORE75 AGCO Power engine, which, like all AGCO Power engines, can run on hydrotreated vegetable oil.

Combining both hardware and software, precision solutions help farmers ensure they are protecting the soil and deploying the optimal amounts of inputs in exactly the right place and at the right time. This sets the stage for nutrient-rich soils that can sequester and store carbon, reduce costs and inputs, and deliver robust yields year after year. AGCO’s growing portfolio has the tools farmers need to overcome challenges, including products like the award-winning SymphonyNozzle from Precision Planting, which allows farmers to set the controls from the cab of their tractor, sprayer or from a mobile device.

Seeking and responding to farmers’ feedback is the foundation of creating experiences that meet and exceed customers’ expectations. AGCO achieved high levels of customer satisfaction in 2023, measured by Net Promoter Score (NPS) across all brands. NPS measures whether a customer would recommend AGCO’s brands, machines and dealers to others, and helps the company understand the factors that impact interactions along the farmer’s journey from their purchase experience to performance in the field.

AGCO teams around the world also reached new engagement highs while working more safely. They delivered the best safety results in company history, with a double-digit improvement in Total Case Incident Rate for the third consecutive year. Employees also remained highly engaged in 2023, with a record 71% employee engagement index, a 2% increase from 2022.

Download the 2023 Sustainability Report here.

AGCO also released its 2023 Annual Report. Read about the company’s performance and highlights here.

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