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BioDrill is a mountable seeding unit enabling the application of a third product, in addition to the seed and fertilizer, for the Väderstad seed drills.

“Over time, we have seen an increased demand for applying additional products together with the seeding operation. This often means using the BioDrill to establish cover crops and grass seeds, or to place a starter fertilizer together with the seeds”, says Björn Jeansson, director product management – seed drills, at Väderstad.

“To meet this demand, we are increasing the hopper capacity of the BioDrill for the 3-4m Rapid seed drills”, he continues.

For Model Year 2024, the BioDrill for Rapid 300-400C/S is increased with over 40 %. For the 4-metre Rapid 400C/S, the BioDrill is increased from 280 to 400 liters, while the BioDrill on the 3-metre Rapid 300C/S is increased from 200 to 300 liters. The new BioDrill for Rapid 300-400C/S comes with two level sensors as standard equipment. The BioDrill for the pneumatic Rapid A 400-800S, Rapid A 600-800C as well as Spirit product ranges will remain at 360 liters.

“The product in the BioDrill can either be broadcasted for shallow seeding, suitable for establishing grass seed or cover crops together with the main crop. Alternatively, the product in the BioDrill can be mixed with the seed in the seed coulters. Having the product mixed with the seed is suited for the starter fertiliser, where the early fertiliser access may boost the germination of the seeds”, Björn Jeansson concludes.

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  1. we request contact with the commercial sector of the company, we are interested in the products. We appreciate the attention.

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