Tractor Bumper in augmented reality

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People who are planning to refurnish a room or kitchen, can go to a shop for advice. There they can share their preferences about which furniture, cupboards and kitchen tools would suit best in their specific situation. With the help of augmented reality (AR), the kitchen or furniture shop can precisely design the layout on a computer screen. Other chairs, tables, cupboards or colors? Everything is possible. Eventually, the desired furniture or kitchen appears on the screen.

Based on this same AR technology, Tractor Bumper introduced a tool to show how a bumper looks like on any tractor. With the help of the URL on a smartphone, one can select a tractor brand. The camera on the smartphone captures the front view of the tractor, on which the bumper is virtually mounted. Hence, the fleet owner or operator can view how the bumper will look like on the tractor in 3D from each angle. This is possible by moving the smartphone in different directions.

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