OXBO 9240+ ensures quality coffee

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“With the introduction of the 9240+ and the ConilonMax kit, Oxbo now offers a gentle and effective mechanical harvesting solution for both Arabica and Conilon,” said Cory Venable, Global Market Manager for Oxbo’s Fruit division. “A series of lifters were designed to reduce damage while guiding Conilon plants into the picking head for high performance cherry removal.”

The 9240+ was designed as a single harvesting solution for the full life of coffee plants, from young trees to mature plantings. When equipped with the Conilon Max kit, the 9240+ extends the benefits of mechanical harvesting to conilon growers. This upgrade ensures efficient harvesting, minimizes the need for manual labor, and enables growers to harvest their coffee at the optimal time.

The airconditioned cab delivers comfortable operation and reduces operator fatigue. The center-mounted position was designed to provide optimum visibility of all harvesting operations. A multi-camera system gives the operator full visibility of all key areas of the harvester. Optional cruise control and automatic steering reduce crop loss and improves harvester performance. Preset, easy to use controls reduce training time.

The Dynarotor shaking system has proven to effectively harvest high quality coffee with minimal plant damage. The Dynarotor can be easily adjusted to plant and crop conditions: adjust weight, rods positions, and shaking speed to optimize the harvest quality. The large tunnel and the tall shaking system productively removes cherries in young and mature coffee plants.

The 9240+ can be configured with the new ConilonMax kit, extending the benefits of mechanical coffee harvesting to conilon/robusta growers, delivering effective harvesting performance, reduced labor requirements, and the ability to harvest coffee at the optimal time.

Catchers get low on the plant and gently but effectively catch the most coffee, at all stages of plant life. Wide, low profile lower belts easily handle high tonnage crops.

The bi-directional cross conveyor allows to unload-on-the-go or pick to the recycle bin. The large 3000L recycle bin was designed for continuous harvest, even in high tonnage crops. A new unload feature allows for independent auger speed control and auto reverse to increase unloading speed.

Lower leaf disrupters and stick kickers effectively remove large debris from the cherries. New stick kickers are removable when harvesting young plants. Dual upper cleaning fans are designed to remove debris at the transition point to the cross conveyor, removing leaves and other trash and delivering clean cherries to the bin.

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