50 years New Holland round balers

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New Holland is steering toward a unified brand image and global identity with the transition of its hay tool styling from red (USA) to yellow. New Holland is aligning its brand to present blue tractors and yellow harvesting implements with “Inspired by Nature” styling globally.

As New Holland embraces this transformative journey, the yellow transition begins with commercial hay tools for late model year 2024, then unfolds in model year 2025 to include the Pro-Belt round balers.

“Transitioning our hay tools to vibrant yellow isn’t just about a color change. It’s a bold statement on our future,” states Carlo Lambro, brand president of New Holland. “This shift marks our dedication to providing farmers with tools to improve their efficiency and experience.”

In a strategic move to modernize custom round baling, New Holland has unveiled its latest innovation, the Bale Manager app. This technology allows operators and customers to simplify and streamline baling data from their smart devices, including:

Capture bale count, size and moisture in real-time.

Capture the job and invoice customers from the tractor cab. Professional invoices are created and can be sent by text, email, WhatsApp or directly to a wireless printer.

Invoice data can be exported as a .pdf, .qif or, coming soon, .csv for spreadsheets.

In the app, data can be filtered by bale count, date, crop type, field name, customer name or invoice status to locate data from prior work.

The app is compatible with Roll-Belt Series round balers equipped with the Bale Command II PLUS electronics system. Bale data communicates seamlessly to the app via a Bluetooth module that connects to the diagnostic port on the monitor harness.

Available for download on the App Store and Google Play platforms with the necessary components readily accessible from a local New Holland dealer, the app is a versatile solution for custom baling operators to capture data and streamline efficiency in customer service and invoicing.

“With the Bale Manager app, we’re not just counting bales. We’re elevating the way custom operators manage their business,” explains Brad Littlefield, precision marketing manager, dairy and livestock segment for New Holland. “Streamlining custom baling processes, eliminating hassles and ensuring prompt invoicing, this app brings efficiency, convenience and peace of mind to every bale. It’s a digital leap forward from the traditional notebook and pen to a user-friendly app that better connects operators with their customers’ data.”

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