John Deere selects 2024 startups

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“The startup program is mutually beneficial for John Deere and the startup companies that participate,” said Dennis Muszalski, VP, Module & Electrification Systems Engineering. “The program is based on finding benefits for our customers. The goal is to learn together and explore new ways to help customers unlock more value in ways they never thought possible.”


Company measuring land surface temperature and water from its own satellites at unprecedented accuracy levels to enable insights for a more sustainable future.


Artificial intelligence company, empowering businesses to understand and leverage causality for enhanced decision-making.

SB Quantum

Quantum sensing company, focused on navigation based on a novel quantum magnetometer.

Fermata Energy

Company in vehicle-to-everything (V2X) bidirectional charging platform technology.


Brazil based logistics company focused on digital solutions to connect the ecosystem for freight transactions.

Cloudscape Labs

Production management software company, focused on providing job site visibility across the construction team to help meet production, cost, and safety targets.

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