CNH brands win six AE50 awards

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Customer-inspired innovations from CNH’s global agriculture brands Case IH and New Holland have won six 2024 AE50 awards. These awards are determined by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). They honor the year’s 50 most innovative products and systems engineered for the food and agricultural industries.

The Case IH Steiger 715 Quadtrac, with 778 peak horsepower, is the brand’s largest and most powerful tractor. Its purpose-built engine sets a new bar for performance, delivered through a heavy-duty driveline to reach a 26.5 mph road speed that exchanges road time for time in the field.


Case IH Steiger Quadtrac

Case IH Steiger 715 Quadtrac


The Case IH Steiger tractor lineup for model-year 2024 features a peak horsepower range of 467 to 699 and a simplified exhaust system that improves visibility from the cab. The Steiger 425, 475 and 525 horsepower models feature improved fuel economy as well as 35% faster engine response due to the addition of a new Electronic Variable Geometry turbocharger.


Case IH Steiger line-up

Case IH Steiger lineup


The Case IH AFS Furrow Command improves overall seed and fertilizer depth control by automatically adjusting the hydraulic pressure of precision disk drills. Gauge wheel sensors help the operator make informed decisions when setting the drills’ downforce by providing real-time feedback in the cab. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments, leading to improved yield quality and reduced maintenance costs.


Precision disk drill

Case IH AFS Furrow Command


The Case IH Toolbar Lift System for the 2120 Early Riser Rigid Trailing Planter simplifies and enhances split-row planting, with industry leading ground clearance, unique ‘eye level’ access for maintenance and adjustment versus traditional ‘ground level’ service, and radial tires for a smoother ride.


Case IH Early Riser

Case IH Early Riser


The New Holland T6.180 Methane Power tractor is the world’s first commercially available methane powered tractor. It is designed to minimize emissions while maximizing profitability and productivity. The tractor delivers the same performance as its diesel equivalent with up to 30% lower running costs. It also offers fuel flexibility as it can run on either compressed biomethane or compressed natural gas (CNG).


New Holland T6 180 methane power

New Holland T6.180 Methane Power


The New Holland T7 Long Wheelbase with PLM Intelligence tractor features advanced connectivity that gives operators access to the latest precision tools, remote support and data management capabilities. It also includes the new Electronic Variable Geometry Turbo, which delivers 8% more torque, 11% more power and 18% higher fuel efficiency all at lower engine speeds.


New Holland T7 300 LWB

New Holland T7 Long Wheelbase

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