Arcadia tine harrow works 12m wide

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Mechanical weed control with the Kverneland Arcadia tine harrow in row crops, cereals or vegetables is very efficient due to high performance. It extends the option to react when conditions limit the application of chemical crop care. However, blind weeding is also possible.

The Arcadia tine harrow enables weed control by pulling the weeds to the surface, exposing the roots and leaving them on the surface to dry out. Regrowth is practically impossible, which is particularly important with rhizome and other weeds that could start growing again.

In addition, Arcadia will promote the required crumbling and levelling effect. By cracking the upper topsoil, breaking the surface cap on certain soils after rain, the Arcadia tine harrow, promotes seed emergence and restores the water and airflow, stimulating physico-chemical reactions and soil life. The top layer of soil will be restructured and aerated. It will increase mineralization and biomass by promoting the absorption of nitrogen.

The pressure and angle of aggressiveness of the tines can be adjusted completely independently. In this way, no compromise is necessary when adjusting the machine. Perfect setting is always possible. Both the angle of aggressiveness and pressure on the tines are hydraulically controlled and monitored by special indicators visible from cab.

“The double setting of pressure and aggressiveness is really key to extend the work windows of the Arcadia tine harrow. It is now possible to work in new time slots. For example, the Arcadia can work with a gentle tine angle setting, to avoid damaging plants in the sensitive crop stage, with enough pressure to weed efficiently,” explains Maxime Georges, Product Manager.

The Arcadia applies a wide pressure range of up to 5kg per tine. The 420 tines with a diameter of 7mm are distributed over seven rows, so that residues can pass easily. The row spacing between the tines is 2.8cm to ensure efficient mechanical weeding. Each tine has its own tension spring to maintain even pressure distribution on the tines. The special curved tine shape and an automatic tine lifting system ensure contact between the machine and the crop is avoided during the turning process on headlands. Finally, the under-beam clearance of up to 58cm provides high capacity and enables weeding on higher ridges. The gauge wheels are arranged at the front of the frame to give stability without causing tracks in which weeds could re-grow. The position of the wheels can be adapted at the frame to the distances of the row crops and ridges.

The new Arcadia tine harrow will first be launched in a working width of 12m. Further models, to provide a full range, will follow including an ISOBUS version. This ISOBUS steered machine will allow GEOCONTROL, the Kverneland section control. The Arcadia consists of 10 sections of 1.20m each. With the ISOBUS function, each segment will be automatically lifted at the headland. This solution will avoid overlapping e.g. on odd-shape fields to protect the more sensible crop. The steering of the ISOBUS models will allow all adjustments from the terminal in cab.

The Arcadia is folded in a wallet system to a three-section version of < 3m transport width, which ensures safe road transport. The road light kits and warning panels are fitted to comply with traffic regulations. The Arcadia is mounted to the tractor in 3-point linkage CAT. 3 with a close center of gravity for reduced lifting requirement. A limited edition will be available in 2024 and the full series is planned for 2025.

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