TAFE’s future oriented tractors

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The key highlight at the TAFE booth at the recently held Agritechnica trade-show in Germany, was the launch of the Electric tractor and the display of the concept Hydrogen tractor, demonstrating the company’s ambition in exploring alternate fuel and sustainable solutions.

The electric tractor is equipped with 20 kW power, efficient transmission, low noise powertrain and an electric motor with an efficiency of >90%. It has a fast charge feature which is fully compatible with European Combined Charging System CCS2. One of the highlights of this tractor is its low maintenance cost. The TAFE electric tractor is suitable for use by municipalities, logistics and material handling businesses, besides agriculture. The concept Hydrogen tractor is still in its development stage.

TAFE TERRA is an integrated smart agriculture ecosystem for multiple precision farming solutions like GPS based automatic steering system, telematics gateway, advanced farm management information system and smart TFT display cluster. TAFE TERRA helps enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability for farmers.

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