Precise guidance above the row

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As little as possible, as much as necessary. With  “RSD” row-specific nozzle positioning, Dammann reveals a band spraying system which enables environmentally friendly and economical application of crop protection agents. Flexible booms, combined with cameras allow the nozzle line to be moved above the row.

With row-specific nozzle positioning, the nozzle is guided precisely over the row by active control using a camera. The crop protection agent is only applied to a part of the area. The amount of drift is automatically reduced due to the precise application, which complies with legal requirements.

The system is suitable for row crops, such as vegetables, sugar beet and maize. Nozzles are simply positioned above the rows. For this positioning the movable boom uses cameras.

Control of the individual nozzle line sections is camera-guided to the working widths and compensates variances with +/- 15 centimeters. This ensures precise distribution of the crop protection agents.

RSD is integrated in ISOBUS and the user interface has been adapted to special requirements.

The camera-guided RSD system enables band treatment in row crops with large working widths. This offers an ideal addition to mechanical weed control between the rows.

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