Strautmann cuts crop at 22 mm

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On dairy farms, the cutting length of crops has a large influence on fodder quality. Shortly cut crops can be better compacted in the silo, preventing faulty fermentation and thus reaching high quality fodder. To meet this demand, Strautmann is presenting the new Magnon 11 forage wagon series that cuts crop at a length of only 22 mm.

Strautmann has been successful in the market of upper segment forage wagons with the Magnon 10, which has a cutting length of 35 mm. The new Magnon 11 now complements the product range in this segment. The two series are largely identical. The Flex-Load pick-up, the Continuous Flow system, the chassis as well as superstructure and dosing unit are exactly the same.

The special features of the Magnon 11 can be found in the rotor with drive and in the cutting unit. With 84 knives, the new forage wagon series achieves its theoretical cutting length of only 22 mm.

The proven “Exact-Cut” knife protection system is also installed in the Magnon 11. It protects each knife separately and has the advantages of spot-on triggering and automatic wayback. The 84 knives with double-sided blades can be turned over. The cutting unit does not have any lubrication points and thus requires very little maintenance.

The conveying tines of the integral rotor are equipped with 10 mm wide Hardox tine plates and additional armouring at the tine tip. That ensures, like on all Strautmann silage wagons, homogeneous cutting quality with minimum wear.

An oil-bath gearbox with integrated planetary set powers the rotor in all Magnon models. Due to high speeds in the power train, the torque load exerted on the components is low and the drive is preserved. In view of the increased power requirement due to the short cutting length, the Magnon 11 is equipped with drive gears in reinforced design and a protection of 3000 Nm.

Hence, the machine takes up even highest tractor power and a long service life of the components is ensured. For the coming 2024 season, the Magnon 11 will be available in a pre-series in a limited quantity. Full production is planned for the 2025 season.

The cutting unit of the Magnon 11 is equipped with 84 turnable knives

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