Optional Fendt ErgoSteer joystick

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Lots of work in agriculture or in non-agricultural areas requires a large number of steering movements, such as front loader work. Fendt is now offering te ErgoSteer joystick, developed in-house as a retrofit solution. It facilitates the steering operation from the cab.

The ErgoSteer steering joystick makes quick turning maneuvers easier, steers precisely and saves time. One click on the Fendt Guide button activates the joystick steering function.

Depending on the type of work involved, the steering joystick offers two modes, self-centring and non-centring mode. In self-centring mode the vehicle automatically drives straight ahead when the joystick is let go. In non-centring mode the wheels remain at the previously-set steering angle when the joystick is let go. This allows drivers to choose the right mode for their job, whether it’s for mowing work on slopes, during use with a wood mulcher or during field work.

Haptic feedback provided by Force Feedback informs the driver about the steering angle, supporting particularly precise steering in the process. As an option, the steering intensity can also be set via the terminal. This helps steering accuracy for the most varied types of work and adjusts driving comfort to the needs of different drivers.

The joystick is mounted on a new, adjustable armrest on the left of the driver’s seat, supplementing the familiar FendtONE armrest on the right. It also has a rocker to change the driving direction similar to the steering column stalk, including a Stop & Go function and a button to activate the Fendt Guide guidance system. There is an activation button for the guide system on the steering joystick. This frees up a button on the right armrest, which can be equipped with other functions. Thanks to the steering joystick drivers can control the full steering lock using their wrist. This enables an upright seating position to be maintained at all times. Working ergonomically avoids tension in the shoulders and neck.

The Fendt ErgoSteer steering joystick can be ordered for all machines from the Fendt 500 Vario to Fendt 1000 Vario with the FendtONE driver workplace and Fendt Guide ready (Power+ or Profi+) from Fendt sales partners as a retrofit solution from December 2023. Like Fendt Guide, the steering joystick can only be used on agricultural areas and farmyards. It is not approved for road transport. For safety reasons, when using the steering joystick the speed of the machine is limited to 25 km/h, just like Fendt Guide.

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