Faresin celebrates 50th anniversary

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Faresin Industries marked its 50th anniversary with an international convention called “Celebriamo il futuro” at the Breganze factory, drawing over 400 people. The event attracted all the partners that have contributed to the global success of Faresin in these past 50 years. At the same occasion, Faresin introduced a full electric self-propelled mixer wagon and next generation telescopic handlers.

During the plenary meeting, the management, Sante Faresin (President), Silvia Faresin (Vice President), and Giulia Faresin (Operations Manager), together with their collaborators, retraced the milestones of the company’s history and illustrated the vision and future strategies.

“It seems almost impossible for me that the company is turning 50 this year because I always have the feeling that I am on the starting blocks: I still have many dreams to realize and goals to achieve,” began the president, adding, “Stakeholder welfare, innovation, industrial excellence, and sustainability, these are the four pillars on which we are building our future.”

Vice President Silvia Faresin, illustrated the business and market opportunities thanks to two external testimonies by two industry scholars who observe the market from a more objective perspective.

Dr. Gabriele Chiodini from the University of Perugia analyzed trends in the agricultural sector, such as the demand for increasingly sustainable and smart equipment that at the same time allows increasing production while reducing polluting emissions in line with achieving climate neutrality through the use of renewable sources.

Dr. Paul Howard, a specialist from the Off-Highway Research editorial pool, analyzed the construction market and pointed out that the growth of telehandlers has been unparalleled over the last 30 years. The areas most affected are Europe and North America, which absorb at least 83% of global demand.

“Listening to customers and the ability to interpret their needs and turn them into solutions have been at the heart of our business model from the very beginning. Ideally, we want to achieve the involvement of the customer in the design of technological solutions, thus making them a shared objective. To achieve this, we have adopted two best practices that involve all areas of the company: customer journey management and the analysis of business intelligence data collected at the various customer contact points”,  Vice President Silvia Faresin explained.

Next, Giulia Faresin, Operations Manager, looked at the challenges of the Factory of the Future. “We are working to build an increasingly digital and automated factory, following a fluid and constant process that interacts harmoniously with the value contributed by the other players in the Faresin system. Our goal is to ensure that production develops the ability to promptly adapt to changing demand through the development of new skills and the implementation of new, increasingly efficient, and sustainable processes.”

Afterwards, Giulia Faresin, involving the front lines of R&D, unveiled a preview of two new products that will be presented to the general public at the Agritechnica trade fair this coming November.

Leader PF Full Electric, a 100% electric self-propelled mixer wagon with zero emission

FS Middle, the second series of the Next Generation of Faresin telescopic handlers

Faresin opened the doors of its production facilities in Breganze to welcome its employees and their families, who were able to visit the company’s facilities and see first-hand the mixer wagons and telehandlers that Faresin manufactures.

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