Flexible Tinecare V Master harrow

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The new Pöttinger Tinecare V 12200 Master tine harrow enables mechanical weed control under varying conditions. A working width of 12.20 meters provides high capacity. Its working width can be reduced to 9 meters, thanks to a multi-section folding frame.

Optimum ground tracking of the new Tinemaster is ensured using depth control wheels and a choice of slotted holes for the top link. The hydraulic, infinitely variable tine pressure adjustment enables fine regulation of the cultivation effect. In addition, the work intensity of the harrow is regulated by adjusting the driving speed and the angle of the tines in the soil.

Constant pressure system

The Tincare harrow features a unique pressure spring system. The patented design of the pre-tensioned harrow tines prevent pressure fluctuations. Hence, the working results remain consistent across the entire working width, regardless of ground undulations. The system is hydraulically controlled and can vary the tine pressure between 500 and 5,000 grammes from the tractor cab. This pressure range allows an optimum match to all conditions. If the operating conditions change, the pressure can be adjusted while driving. This ensures that gentle to aggressive weeding can be carried out depending on the development stage of the crop.

What it does

The tine harrow can be used for full-cover cultivation in cereal crops, row crops, ridge crops and special crops. The inter gang spacing of 330 mm, tine spacing of 30 mm and precision tine guidance along the crop rows are decisive for the success of the crop care treatment.

The objective of the constant pressure tine harrow is to damage, uproot and overturn weeds at the white thread root stage. In addition, the process can stimulate tillering in the crop plants. Encrustations can be broken up by the tine harrow.

Quick change tine system

The quick change tine system contributes to higher productivity. The tine point is inserted into a guide and secured with a bolt. Tines are changed within a few seconds. Simply undo the bolt on one side and remove the tine. Then push the new tine into the guide and secure it with the bolt.

The 12.20 meters of working width on the Tincare enables high output. At the headland, the robust frame prevents the tine sections from sagging and ensures sufficient space for turning. The machine is lifted using the tractor’s lower linkages only. Working width can be also be reduced from 12.20 to 9.00 meters using a multi-section folding frame. This adds flexibility so that double passes at the headland and on wedge-shaped fields are avoided.

The new Tinecare will available from early 2024.

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