Dewulf’s second-generation ZKIV

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Dewulf presents the second generation of its 4-row top lifting harvester: the ZKIV(SE). The updated, powerful ZKIV features extended cleaning, a new elevator with hydraulic extension, and the ability to harvest now also at narrow row distances (less than 40 cm).

Ten years after the release of the first generation, Dewulf has developed a modern-day upgrade of the ZKIV based on feedback from carrot growers and intensive research. By launching the self-propelled harvester, the Dewulf responds to new market needs and requirements, focusing in particular on cleaning capacity. The manufacturer matches the new features with tried-and-tested recipes such as stability in the field, a robust and highly manoeuvrable machine, good quality harvesting, and high processing capacity. In short, the constructor designed an even more versatile carrot harvester than its predecessor.

New cutter set

Along with the upgraded ZKIV, Dewulf introduces an updated cutter set. As such, it brings together the best of the past: capacity and speed will no longer have to balance product friendliness. Indeed, the new cutter set combines speed with the highest possible respect for the (end) product, throughout the harvesting process. In addition, the set is less prone to wear and tear, as Dewulf fabricates the cutters with a new type of highly wear-resistant material. Moreover, the cutters of the cutter sets are reversible, extending their life even more.

Extensive cleaning options

Henceforth, Dewulf can offer three cleaning versions to transport product neatly into boxes or a trailer according to customer requirements and local needs. A Flexstar module is available to ensure maximum cleaning capacity, combining a star module with a sieving belt. If less cleaning is needed at any given time, a quick and efficient switch from the star module to the sieving belt is possible, along with the familiar hedgehog belt. Growers requiring less cleaning can opt for the variant with a long sieving belt and hedgehog belt. If no additional product cleaning is needed, you can opt for the version where the carrots are discharged directly via the elevator. Furthermore, the new rotary cleaners for the belts (at the back of the machine) keep the harvesting belts clean and free of haulm all the time.

Wide elevator with optional hydraulically extendable top

Regardless of prior cleaning, the harvested product ends up in a renewed, one-and-a-half-metre-wide elevator, ensuring a minimum speed to maintain the required capacity. As an option, the elevator top is hydraulically extendable for even more precise unloading deep in trailers or easier switching from left to right – and vice versa – between box rows. Moreover, the elevator is equipped with active side walls, preventing the carrots from rubbing against the side walls, thus avoiding any possible damage. As a result, the harvesting process is more product-friendly than ever before.

Sensors for belt detection

Dewulf has equipped the carrot harvester with a new sensor system for belt detection. From the moment a belt falls off, the tensioning cylinder is pushed to the end. A sensor automatically advises the driver in the cab and stops the top lifting element.

Trendy cabin

The ZKIV, propelled by a Scania 6-cylinder engine (450hp), is fitted with several modern features in the X11 Claas cab. The driver has an excellent view of the harvesting activities from that cab – with the high-end version optionally featuring, among other things, a leather, rotating driver’s seat and active ventilation. The ergonomic N-Joystick puts the user-friendly buttons literally and figuratively at his fingertips. Moreover, the software for the touchscreen display has been developed in-house, making it easy to control the machine with a distinctive user interface and operator terminal.

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