John Deere sets new standards

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For model year 2024, John Deere will take its tractor series to the next level, integrating the new G5 CommandCenter displays into all 6, 7, 8 and 9 series, while further enhancing driving comfort.

The new G5Plus CommandCenter includes documentation, data sync, JDLink connectivity, variable rate application, section control and AutoTrac guidance as standard on all 6-cylinder 6R, 7, 8 and 9 series tractors. The 12.8-inch G5Plus CommandCenter is 33% larger than the previous display, comes with 1080P high definition and a much faster processor. With this update, customers will achieve the highest levels of precision agriculture efficiency and ease of use while ensuring their tractors are ready for the future.

The model year 2024 John Deere 6R brings with it new developments improving driver comfort. The redesigned steering column and new steering wheel provides the next level in comfort, especially in its on-the-road performance. In addition, the new dampening system available on both Premium and Ultimate seats, the 6R model year 2024 sets new standards.

The model year 2024John Deere 7R features a new steering system with a 50% increase in steering capacity. This is made possible by larger steering cylinders, which are fitted as standard to all 7R. To enhance operator comfort during transport, the 7R features a new Automotive Type Steering  System. It naturally recenters itself and improves line holding significantly. Known as reactive steering, the feature can be easily activated via a softkey on the CommandCenter. Two additional front brake discs enhance the operator’s experience and transport performance. All 7, 8 and 9 tractors have a new high resolution corner post display and a built-in StarFire 7000.

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