Krone expands EasyCut mowing range

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By launching the new EasyCut F 400 Fold and EasyCut F 400 CR, Krone adds two models to its range of 4m front mowers, suitable for working under all conditions and applications. The 4m front mowers present a further step towards implementing even larger working widths and area outputs with increased forage quality. 

The two new 4m front mowers are based on the EasyCut F 400 CV Fold with its patented folding arm, launched in 2019. These are the EasyCut F 400 Fold, which has no conditioner but a swathing auger and the EasyCut F 400 CR with rigid cutterbar and integrated roller conditioner (CR = Conditioner Roller).

Both front mowers are designed for maximum efficiency and the largest possible overlap for Butterfly combinations. In addition, the EasyCut F 400 Fold is the machine for those who cut fresh grass every day. The EasyCut F 400 CR expands Krone’s program, especially for alfalfa growers worldwide.

Alternatively with auger

Combining the best of two worlds, the EasyCut F 400 Fold reflects years of experience with BiG M swathing augers and the EasyCut B 950 Collect butterfly combination with the patented folding cutterbar. The large 45cm diameter auger swathes the crop between the wheels of ever larger tractors. The swathing width is adjustable ensuring the tractor will not run on the swath and contaminate the crop.

The increased productivity which is gained from the 4m front mower, is a particular boon for those who cut fresh forage on a daily basis and harvest it with a loader wagon. The cutterbar offers convenient hydraulic folding from the driver’s seat via a slewing gearbox. Folding into a less than 3m transport package, the rig offers safe road transport and smooth passage through narrow barn gates and in narrow feed lanes.

Full-width and stripe-less

Operating within a Butterfly combination, the two EasyCut F 400 models allow users to exploit the maximum possible working width. For example, when combined with the EasyCut B 1000, a working width of more than ten metres with 57cm overlaps on each side is possible. The effect is stripeless cutting under all conditions. The hydraulic cutterbar suspension system, which is conveniently adjusted from the tractor cab as standard, ensures optimum ground hugging and the best forage quality. A first-class cut is also ensured by the tried-and tested EasyCut cutterbar, which features SafeCut and SmartCut.

Perfect conditioning

The EasyCut F 400 CR also reflects Krone’s international approach.  This front mower is equipped with a rigid cutterbar and a standard conditioning unit consisting of two profiled 25cm-diameter polyurethane rollers. Buyers can also opt for the robust steel M-Rolls which process the forage intensively yet gently avoiding fragmentation and speeding up wilting.

The EasyCut F 400 CR is ideal for large-scale alfalfa growers in the USA and Australia, for example. For these applications, the front mower can be combined with trailed mowers such as the EasyCut TC 400 or 500. To boost productivity even further, these rear mowers can be coupled to the EasyCut TC Connect coupling frame. In this configuration and in combination with the EasyCut F 400 CR, they deliver maximum ha/h performance, the best forage quality and soil protection.

EC F 400 FoldEC F 400 CR
Working width (m)4.044.04
Transport width (m)3.003.90
No. of discs/drums5/45/4
Swathing auger diameter (cm)45
Conditioner (roller diameter cm)two x 25
PTO speed1,0001,000
Hydraulic connectors1 sa, 1 da1 sa
Dead weight (kg)1,6501,780
Power requirement (kW)7474

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