Bednar Seed Box SB offers wide view

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Bednar’s portfolio includes a wide range of storage tanks and mounted hoppers. These are single-chamber or double-chamber machines designed for universal application – for seed or fertilizer distribution. The new Seed Box SB 1600 front hopper model brings an improved view and offers a series of proven structural designs.

“Seed Box SB is an ideal front hopper with an innovative design that offers an excellent view. The machine is equipped with application arms that enable fertilizer or catch crop seed application onto the soil surface without the need to install the distribution head and pipeline in the machine aggregated with the tractor,” Jan Bednář, the Sales Director of the Company, describes the reasons for developing the machine.

Seed Box is a front mounted, single-chamber hopper primarily designed for establishing crop in combination with the Corsa CN seeding bar or catch crop in the inter-rows in aggregation with the Row- Master cultivator. The front Seed Box hopper is aggregated into the front three-point hitch of the tractor. The seeds or fertilizer are then pneumatically delivered to another machine aggregated with the tractor.

Total capacity of the hopper is 1,600 liters. The Seed Box SB uses a proven structural design of a pressurized hopper. Overpressure is created in the hopper thanks to the airtight closure. The pressurized design increases the quality of fertilizer batching precision, even in cases of higher application amounts or lower-quality fertilizer. Setting the batches and the front hopper control are easy. The mounted Seed Box SB hopper can be controlled via ISOBUS on the tractor monitor or through Bednar terminals.

The front-mounted Seed Box SB is shaped in a way that ensures safe work. From the tractor cab the driver has an excellent view of the space in front of the hopper. The hopper is also equipped with lights for transport and efficient lighting for working at night.

The front Seed Box SB hopper may be equipped with special application arms that enable fertilizer application or seeding catch crop onto the soil surface. The optional equipment also includes the V-Ring packer or additional ballast weight of 200 kg.

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