20 years New Holland CX flagship

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New Holland is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its CX flagship range combine harvester. Since its launch in 2002, it has constantly raised the bar on capacity, flexibility and harvest quality.

A true technology machine, the CX collected 33 prestigious awards during its long career. The more than 20,000 units sold across the world, testifies its success up to today.

Lars Sorensen, New Holland Global Product Combine Leader: “When we launched the CX, back in 2002, it made a huge impression on first sight with its curvy lines breaking tradition with the boxy shape of combine harvesters of the time. It was a fitting start for a combine range that would go on to introduce numerous ground breaking innovations and become an awarded strawwalker combine, widely known in the world.”

Built on heritage

The CX combine flagship range was born of the strong legacy of New Holland’s harvesting technology, which includes features such as the brand’s rotary separator introduced in 1972, the integrated armrest since 1993 and the biggest threshing drum in the industry, with a 750mm diameter, launched in 2001.

The 20-year history of the CX is punctuated by the industry’s prestigious accolades, including the Machine of the Year title at the Agritechnica and SIMA Innovation Awards. It was the first to be designed for precision farming, and in the last 10 years alone, its productivity has increased by 17% and its crop-to-crop versatility have been further improved.

The CX range never stopped innovating, and in 2020 it launched on the market the Ultra-Flow drum, the first new drum concept in the industry since the launch of self-propelled combines in 1952. This threshing drum design, which uses 16% less total threshing power, reducing fuel consumption and increasing the combine’s capacity by up to 15%, was awarded the Silver Medal at the Agritechnica Innovation Awards 2019. The CX offers solutions such as the Nutrisense nutrient analysis technology that helps farmers make informed decisions to market their crops more profitably, adding a Silver Medal from the SIMA Innovation Awards 2021 to its award cabinet.

Today the CX combine offers customers Opti-Speed auto-adaptive variable speed strawwalkers, SmartTrax, Opti-Fan, Opti-Clean and Opti-Spread technologies, the comfort of its Harvest Suite Ultra Cab, the power and fuel efficiency of the FPT engine.

MacDon FD2 FlexDraper

The CX is now available with the brand-new FD2 Flex Draper, the first offering from New Holland’s partnership with MacDon Industries that features a unique float response, more header flex and ultimate cutting capacity to deliver a superior harvesting experience. Designed with the objective to make harvest easier, the FD2 Flex Draper takes the stress off operators by integrating easy set-up and operation.

The FD2 Flex Draper utilizes the MacDon Active Float System which ensures the float response navigates over ground fluctuations with up to 70% more flex. The MacDon ClearCut High-Speed Cutting System provides customers the torque and durability to power through challenging cutting conditions. The MacDon Active Crop Flow featured as part of the FD2 Flex Draper provides head-first delivery of crops along the side drapers toward the FeedMax Crop Feeding System to ensure efficient feeding and improved threshing performance.

New Holland’s partnership with MacDon Industries, announced in 2021, began over a shared interest in creating harvesting equipment to help farmers increase in-field performance and decrease running costs. This is the first step in the partnership, and the two brands will continue to work together to develop best-in-class harvesting products.

Joost Vannieuwenborgh, New Holland Business Product Line Manager Combines said: “The CX Series is the latest generation in a long line of high performing conventional combines, which began in 2001 with the launch of the first CX models and has been characterized by constant innovation. The new CX Series remains true to this heritage; it is a high capacity conventional combine, featuring the best of New Holland’s technologies.”

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