Trelleborg introduces ATMS for tractors

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Trelleborg reveals its Adaptive Tire Management System (ATMS). The system detects the working conditions and dynamic load on each tractor tire. Thus it optimizes the tractor performance by controlling tire pressure. As a result, ATMS increases crop productivity while improving efficiency. 

The new Trelleborg ATMS represents the future of agriculture by bringing smart farming to everyday operations. The system acquires real-time tire data for ultimate tractor performance through its sensors, mounted on a tire integrated support.

The new ATMS detects the tire working conditions including each tire’s dynamic load, pressure, and temperature. While working, the farmer is constantly informed on how to fully optimize the tractor configuration in each operation through the most appropriate tire inflation pressure for an optimized footprint and reduced soil compaction, and the correct tractor ballast and implementation set-up for improved drivability on the road, greater traction and lower rolling resistance.

Gianluca Abbati, Vice President Technology & Innovation at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “We work hard to make sure farmers can produce more while using fewer resources. That means leveraging new technologies where they need it most. Smart farming and sustainable agriculture must rely on accurate, real-time data.  ATMS provides the most important data to achieve a cost-effective agribusiness, by maximizing vehicle operations, reducing working time and fuel consumption.”

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