BKT Agrimaxfactor for field and road

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Multinational BKT from India launches the brand new 70-series Agrimaxfactor tire for tractors. The newly developed tire has been designed to fully suit both transport and soil tillage operations. Not just that, it also carries an appealing design.

“Agrimaxfactor” is a new tire identity and further evidence of BKT’s commitment to offer solutions for a more and more demanding market. In this case, it is the company’s response to the request of a bigger tire.

Starting from the in-depth study of market trends as well as customer and user feedback, BKT has designed a brand-new product full of innovative features making it a piece of both technology and aesthetic design. The tread design has been improved from a technical viewpoint by an increased lug length and changed lug orientation and angle for the purpose of providing improved handling and smooth roadability.

Excellent stability plus a fast steering-response, even at high speeds and under heavy-duty service, are ensured by a strong carcass made in polyester, a material that replaces nylon. In particular, there are six polyester belts and four strong polyester plies providing high stability at any speed. Increased comfort is an additional advantage of this product novelty.

As the first product, Agrimaxfactor displays the “E-READY” logo as a sign for BKT’s commitment towards electric mobility that will be extended to all products falling under this category. This also displays BKT’s commitment to anticipate market needs by means of innovative and specific technologies. Electric vehicles represent new challenges and different needs, requiring a high torque moment and a higher weight on the tire. A high torque requires the need of new tread designs and compounds that are able to better resist wear.

Not to be overlooked are the aesthetics of this new product: The Agrimaxfactor logo on the tire uses the same exclusive BKT font with the “F” for Factor at the center within a fully dynamic shape.

Agrimaxfactor, operating in diverse conditions both in the fields and on the road, is already available in the three sizes 600/70 R 30, 710/70 R 42 marked by the load index/speed symbol 173 D and 710/70 R 42 marked by the load index/speed symbol 176 D. Not less than twelve additional sizes are under development and will be ready for launch by the first half of 2023.

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