Louise Fresco joins Zweegers Equipment board

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Dr. Louise Fresco joins the supervisory board of Zweegers Equipment Group in The Netherlands. Internationally, Dr. Fresco is considered one of the most authoritative experts in the field of agricultural production and food supply. Her appointment adds a respected heavyweight to the company’s board, which also includes former Dutch agriculture minister Cees Veerman (chair) and Eric van de Merwe, who is also chair of the supervisory board of parent organisation ZBG Group.

Louise Fresco: “I am fully committed to safeguarding global food security and agriculture in the future. I am convinced that change can only happen through scientific research, innovation and public dialogue.

Despite the severity of the challenge we face, I remain optimistic about future progress. Through my involvement with Zweegers Equipment, I hope to contribute to the renewal of the agricultural sector, with targeted innovations for a sustainable future.”

Gerrit van der Scheer, CEO of Zweegers Equipment: “We are extremely proud that Dr. Fresco has accepted this position at our company. We invest globally in companies based on a focus on equipment and sustainable solutions. We see people, local entrepreneurship and long-term relationships as key success factors. All of this fits extremely well with Louise’s competences and specialisms. ‘Long term focus’ is our slogan for good reason: we put money and effort into sustainable solutions for the long term!”

Investing in continued development Zweegers Equipment is responding to the growing and urgent demand for cleaner and smarter machines by investing in the application of technologies such as GPS guidance, sensor technology and robotisation. But also in continued technical development, such as electrification and machine connectivity. Smart applications like precision agriculture can greatly reduce the use of fertilisers, pesticides, raw materials and fuel, as well as emissions. Gerrit van der Scheer: “These innovations are extremely important for both agriculture and the other sectors in which we operate, such as machines for turfcare, industry and construction.”

Dr. Cees Veerman, Chair of the Supervisory Board of Zweegers Equipment: “Louise’s broad expertise and extensive network are invaluable for Zweegers Equipment Group’s further growth and development in the field of sustainability. We have known each other for many years and I know from experience that her positive and knowledgeable outlook is capable of spurring a wide audience into action. We are happy to welcome her.”

Dr. Fresco has been President of the Wageningen University & Research Executive Board in The Netherlands from 2014 -2022

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