Deutz-Fahr 5 DF available as platform tractor

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The Deutz-Fahr 5 DF tractor family is available now as platform version with a 4-point suspended platform on Hydro Silent-Block. A revised driver zone layout in connection with the suspension and the new gear and hydraulic levers layout, offers better on-board comfort. The 5 DF tractors come with two different platform heights which, in combination with the smallest tyre size, allow a mudguard height of just 1.18 m.

The new 5 DF platform family consists of  five models, with power outputs from 91 to 116 HP. Besides the already smooth and silent run of the engine, the perceived noise has been further improved by adding special sound-proofing materials under the hood and platform. The new 5DF platform Series is simple to use, while the scope for configuration in terms of transmission, hydraulics and PTO ensure unrivalled versatility. The 5DF platform family also offers operator safety, with a fold-flat front roll bar, perfect weight distribution, balance between a low centre of gravity and ground clearance, and technical solutions such as disc brakes on all 4 wheels.

The new FARMotion 35 and 45 engines maximise the performance of the 5 DF platform tractor family. The compactness of the suite of exhaust aftertreatment solutions used, which is integrated intelligently within the silhouette of the vehicle, has made it possible to maintain the same overall external dimensions that made the previous generation popular among wine and fruit farmers around the world. But as well as featuring new technological solutions to attain compliance with the Stage V emissions standard, power and torque also have been increased across the entire selection of engines.

Efficiency, configurability and versatility were the key goals of the engineers at Deutz-Fahr in the development of the transmissions for the 5 DF Series. The choice of configurations offered, range from a 4-speed version with 3 ranges and synchronised reverse shuttle, all the way up to a 5 speed version with 3 ranges and two Hi-Lo Powershift ratios for a total of 30+30 speeds. While all versions are capable of a top speed of 40 km/h, 5 speed variants also feature the OverSpeed function, which allows the tractor to drive at its maximum permissible road speed at lower, more fuel-efficient engine speeds. All versions are equipped with a creeper gear as standard for working at very low ground speeds (from 187 metres per hour) at maximum engine speed.

Offered with the universal 540 rpm and 540 ECO speed modes, the PTO comes as standard with a practical mechanically engaged clutch, while options include 1000 rpm and groundspeed modes and practical quickly interchangeable removable output stub shafts.

The new 5 DF Series with platform offers scope for configuration in terms of hydraulics. With up to 68 l/min dual pump hydraulic system, all possible implements can be used. All versions also come as standard with a separate hydraulic circuit for the steering and auxiliary utilities for smooth steering action and manoeuvrability, even with the engine at idle speed and while the lift is in use. Up to 6 rear hydraulic couplers are available with different operating modes and optional flow regulator. All versions are equipped as standard with a free return line for working effectively with implements with hydraulic motors. The rear lift has a maximum capacity of 3130 kg as standard, which can be increased to 3940 kg with optional supplementary cylinders.

The front axle boasts a maximum steering angle for outstanding agility, and is equipped as standard with wet disc brakes for active safety in any working conditions. The 100% lockable differential lock and 4WD system are engaged and disengaged by simply pressing a button.

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