Deutz-Fahr expands 6-Series

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Eight new models enrich the Deutz-Fahr 6 Series family. All models can be equipped either with a classic Powershift transmission or the fully automatic RCshift version. With the new models, Deutz-Fahr serves the market of powershift tractors between 160 and 230 hp.

Developed and produced in Lauingen, Germany, the new models offer up to 8% more torque, new larger fuel tanks, more operator comfort with a bunch of new options for the MaxiVision cab and lower maintenance costs with engine oil change intervals extended to 1000 operating hours (or 2 years).

Two 4-cylinder models with a short wheelbase enable manoeuvrability and high power outputs up to 171 hp. Revised Deutz TCD engines are installed in the 6-cylinder models 6160 – 6230. They offer now up to 192 hp on the medium wheelbase models 6160 – 6190 and up to 230 hp on the long wheelbase models 6210 – 6230.

Two transmissions

The Deutz TCD 6.1 engines guarantee increased performance, with tangible improvements in both torque curve and flexibility. With almost all the maximum torque available at just 1000 rpm, these tractors can tackle most tasks at low engine speeds. In combination with the two transmission variants significant fuel savings can be ensured.

The proven Powershift transmissions provide the operator with 30 speeds when moving forward and 15 in reverse. The optional creeper increases the number of speeds available to 54 + 27. Completely new is the optional APS – Automatic Power Shift function. The electronic control unit aids the driver in selecting and automatically switching the Powershift stages inside the range.

The RCshift transmissions are fully automatic. With five robotized ranges and 6 powershift stages, they ensure smooth gear shifts from the lowest to the highest gear. The RCshift transmissions also allow the tractor to attain a speed of 40 km/h on the road keeping the engine at just 1158 rpm, or 50 km/h at just 1447 rpm (engine speed vary slightly depending on tyres and model). All of the gears can be engaged without operating the clutch pedal while, thanks to the Stop&Go function, the transmission can also be stopped and restarted without using the clutch.

Three cab variants

For the first time, Deutz-Fahr is offering the MaxiVision cab in three variants to give customers exactly the level of comfort and equipment they are willing to invest in. The basic MaxiVision cab offers 2 or 4 mechanical rear spool valves and is available in combination with Powershift or RCshift transmission, offering the most simplified work environment.

MaxiVision+ contains the newly developed mixed configuration with two mechanical and two electro-hydraulic rear spool valves. It offers a good balance of comfort and simplicity and is also available for Powershift and RCshift transmissions.

With the MaxiVisionPRO equipment the operator takes advantage of fully electric control valves and the optional 12” iMonitor on the MaxCom armrest which enables additional functionalities like ISOBUS and Guidance. MaxiVisionPRO is only available with RCshift transmissions.

All MaxiVision cabs can be equipped with the new 65% larger XLarge vison rear mirrors, an openable front window, multiple smartphone and tablet holders, a removable cooling box as well the all-new 4.1 premium sound system.

Optional load sensing

Starting from an open centre system with a newly developed 84 l/min pump, optional load sensing systems can be installed with up to 160 l/min capacity. The rear PTO comes with all operating speeds as standard: 540 / 540 ECO all the way to 1000 / 1000 ECO. As an option, a 1000 or 1000 ECO PTO can be installed at the front and for the 6-cylinder models, the Dualspeed front PTO is also available. The powerful rear linkage can lift up to 9700 kg and the new efficient front lift has a maximum capacity of 3800 kg. In addition, Deutz-Fahr also offers versions with 4110 kg or 5450 kg (on the 6190, 6210 and 6230 models) lifting capacity.

Advanced and sophisticated auto guidance and telemetry systems avoid wasteful overlapping, saving fuel, reducing component wear and minimizing operator time use. The Auto-Turn function stands out, which enables the tractor to turn at headlands automatically. The iMonitor allows the driver to manage all the functions of the machine. Its new interface is more intuitive and has new convenient functions. Via XTEND, the iMonitor allows the screen to be transferred wirelessly to external tablets. That provides the operator to have a better overview as well as enables adjustments of implements from outside the cab while using ISOBUS UT on the tablet. The new 6 series offers also a data management package and SDF Fleet Management free of charge for the first year. This allows remote diagnostics to improve the communication flow between dealer and driver.

Front-end loaders

All models of the range can be equipped with the next generation ProfiLine front-end loaders – tailor-made for these tractors. With a lifting height of up to 4.6 meters and a breakout force of up to 4900 daN the new 6 series models are ready for any loading tasks.

A new suspension sensor on the front axle ensures refined ride comfort. Depending on towing requirements, the new 6 Series can be equipped with hydraulic and/or pneumatic trailer brakes. Thanks to the Dual Mode function it is now possible to connect old and new models of hydraulically braked trailers. An exhaust engine brake is also available for 6 cylinder models, providing additional braking power without wear. The 6210 and 6230 tractors can be fitted with high performance dry disc brakes on the front. For fast braking response the brake assist guarantees ultimate braking performance with less pressure on the pedal.

For the first time, also the 4-cylinder models are available in the exclusive black Warrior Version which contains up to 23x LED lights. And, thanks to the Coming Home function, the operator can leave the parking spot of the new 6 Series safely after a long working day.

Models and specifications

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